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Efficient, Powerful & Secure Access To Digital Workspaces With Igel & Lg

Organizations of all types and sizes are moving users from traditional desktop and laptop PCs to thin client devices. A leading provider of these highly efficient and secure endpoints is LG, who offers a range of traditional compact desktop models as well as integrated all-in-one thin clients. LG endpoint devices are widely regarded as world-class in terms of their performance, reliability, and efficiency.

The combination of IGEL OS software and LG thin clients represents an ideal solution for any organization looking to furnish its people with secure, reliable, high-performance cloud-connected endpoints.

See an example and read a recent review of how the IGEL & LG combo solution helps businesses easily and securely access digital workspaces.

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Let’s look at some of the advantages of combining lg thin clients with igel os


LG thin clients are secure by design, and LG all-in-one thin clients take hardware security to the next level. IGEL OS is the endpoint operating system that is also secure by design per the following factors:
  • Linux based with a very small firmware footprint, which offers a very small malware “attack surface”
  • Read-only – cannot be tampered with
  • Modular – only the features needed per user profile are present on the device
  • “Chain of trust” – end-to-end cryptographic signature verification process at boot-up ensures system integrity from the UEFI on the LG thin client all the way to the destination VDI host or cloud


Efficient And Green

LG thin clients require less energy to operate than traditional business PCs, which helps lower an organization’s carbon footprint while saving money.
IGEL OS is much less demanding on CPU and memory resources. With its small, lightweight firmware footprint, endpoints including LG thin clients enjoy greater processing “headroom” compared to other endpoint operating systems. A large healthcare organization in the U.S., was able to run their workstations on wheels (WOWs) up to five times longer between re-charges after replacing Windows on those devices with IGEL OS.

Highly Personalized

LG thin client form factors are designed to “fit” well with end-user needs. With no cables connecting the display element with the “thin client inside,” these all-in-ones have one less connection to worry about. For customer-facing workers like bank tellers, ticket-takers, receptionists, and those at points of service, these devices present a strong, uncluttered company look while conserving space and energy.

IGEL OS is highly customizable based on company, department, and user requirements. Custom banners can be displayed upon system start-up and specific preferences like preferred mouse-click buttons and printer access can be assigned by an administrator by department or user.


Great User Experience

With its selection of separate desktop and integrated all-in-one thin clients, there is an ideal LG thin client form factor for any user that can be configured with all the needed processing power, memory, and storage required to efficiently run any mix of applications.

Likewise, IGEL OS offers excellent performance given its lightweight architecture and lack of “overhead,” and it supports and stays current with the latest unified communications software offerings including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and others. Via techniques like video offloading and virtual channels, end-users can experience brilliant graphics and multimedia from their LG thin client.

Easy To Manage And Scale

IGEL OS includes the Universal Management Suite (UMS) software that is legendary for its ease of use and scalability. Enabling full management and control of up to 300,000 IGEL OS-powered LG thin clients from a single console, the UMS can vastly reduce the amount of administrator time needed to configure, download, update, and patch user endpoint devices.


Thin Clients

LG’s extremely well-built and efficient VDI thin client is now
being shipped with IGEL OS preinstalled.
A perfect pairing of technology.

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As more organizations look to access cloud-delivered digital workspaces with improved endpoint device security, greater space and energy efficiency, and outstanding endpoint performance, LG and IGEL offer combined solutions that are second to none.

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