How People Work

IGEL and Citrix are transforming how people work. We’re meeting the needs of a widely distributed workforce with a secure, ready-for-anything, superior employee experience.
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IGEL and Citrix have collaborated to transform how people work.
Together, we’re accelerating the new hybrid work model, giving end-users the freedom to work from anywhere on their devices of choice, while IT retains full management and control.

Citrix and the Citrix Workspace App have, for over three decades, assisted thousands of IT teams to remain ahead of changing IT and end-user demands. Its agile and dependable virtualization technology and cloud services simplify IT management and increase endpoint security — all while creating a seamless end-user experience.

IGEL offers IGEL OS, the next-gen edge OS for cloud-delivered digital workspaces that includes simple, smart, and secure endpoint management and control at scale. Together, the two technology leaders present a more flexible “anywhere” working environment that offers an immersive, high-fidelity digital experience.

IGEL and Citrix are transforming how people work through creative collaboration. Together we deliver a powerful integrated solution for secure, fast, and frictionless access to cloud and virtualized workspaces from any IGEL OS-powered endpoint.

IGEL Benefits

Strong technology integrations between the Citrix Cloud, Workspace App, and IGEL OS allow organizations and their people to embrace the new way to work, and realize a range of benefits.

IGEL OS and the Citrix Workspace App comprise a “perfect pair”, in that each technology complements the other. The Workspace App establishes and secures the end-user’s virtual session, and IGEL OS serves as the ideal lightweight, secure, and easily managed operating system for accessing the Citrix Workspace. Both technologies are platform-independent to help cut capital expenditures, deliver a great end-user experience, and easy management helps lower IT team operating expenses.

Citrix and IGEL OS allow you to lower capital expenditures and save money. With the Citrix Workspace App, users can use any device they prefer to access their desired desktops, cloud workspaces, and apps. IGEL OS helps to extend existing hardware’s life and prevent or delay the frustrating “hardware refreshes,” disruptions, and the costs associated with buying new endpoint devices. 

Regardless of how your people may access web, SaaS, or virtual desktop and app platforms, Citrix and IGEL make it easy. All Citrix Workspaces access via IGEL OS-powered endpoints present a simple, easy-to-use interface, and your IT team will also find it easy to download and install the essential programs for your various teams. Additionally, the availability of non-touch deployment and drag-and-drop profiling helps simplify familiar but now much easier tasks of your IT team.

The Citrix Workspace App can lock down local drive access, screen sharing, and portable storage access with precision, all while safeguarding the data you have in the cloud or data center. Rather than being located on physical endpoints, the data on the Citrix workspace App is stored centrally. Read only, modular IGEL OS supports trusted execution, smart card readers, and two-factor authentication. Additionally, its end-to-end “chain of trust” leads to great confidence in knowing that system integrity is verified from device start-up to application execution.

Brand personalization, which is one of the features that Citrix Workspace supports, allows an organization to customize the presentation of apps as it prefers. This includes changing the color, theme, and icon. You can also do the same with IGEL OS for even greater corporate branding, for example. Additionally, the OS allows you to add unique screensavers to spice up corporate messages and ensure that endpoint devices follow organizational requirements in their exact look and operation. For any peripherals, network interfaces, and protocols that are not supported by the current IGEL OS release, you can potentially get them integrated using IGEL custom partitions. 

In addition to ensuring highly efficient access to dedicated virtual desktops, the Citrix Workspace also allows seamless access to virtual apps known as “pooled” digital resources.  You can also access notable cloud platforms such as the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) service, using the Azure Cloud.  You can even access multi-session Windows 10.  IGEL OS’s lean, small firmware footprint requires minimal CPU and memory resources, and its modular structure can switch off unneeded features to further ensure a more efficient end-to-end system.

As an extremely lean and efficient purpose-built operating system, IGEL OS places a minimal burden on available CPU and memory resources.  As a result, it offers much greater performance “headroom” which maps to more efficient everyday operation and a better user experience.  This increased efficiency means current devices use less energy, and potentially smaller, less energy-hungry endpoints, such as thin clients, can be used instead.  By virtue of much more energy-efficient operation across many endpoints, organizations can contribute greatly to any “green” sustainability goals.

Unified Communications

Today’s distributed workforce demands outstanding collaboration via unified communications. Supporting all the latest multimedia codecs and unified communications platforms like Teams, Zoom, WebEx, and others, a combined Citrix and IGEL solution keeps your people happy, productive, and well connected.

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In healthcare, rapid access to key clinical apps and data, while remaining compliant with patient information protection requirements are critical. IGEL and Citrix help healthcare organizations of all sizes to remain compliant, operate more efficiently, and save money by extending the life of clinical endpoint devices, including those that are shared by multiple users — all with the ultimate goal of helping improve patient outcomes.

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What CITRIX and Partners Are Saying About IGEL

Our partners at Citrix share in our excitement with our history of collaboration and the opportunities ahead. Both companies remain steadfast to continue to refine and expand our technology integrations and joint capabilities to help our customers thrive.

Here are some of their comments about our company.

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