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Formal training courses on IGEL products geared towards beginners and experienced users alike.
Access to IGEL’s Social Learning Center: This is where IGEL experts from around the globe can produce and post informal training videos on various specialized topics and will serve as a repository for useful recorded webinars and ad-hoc trainings.
Advanced, self-paced training courses on IGEL products designed to take the learner’s skills to the next level.
On-demand live lab exercises to get real hands-on experience with IGEL Technology.
A bundle of advanced courses and certification exams purchased on a per-user basis.

IGEL Academy

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IGEL Academy

Registration process requirements:

  • Please use your business email address and correctly identify your relationship with IGEL
  • Be as complete as possible when filling out requested fields to accelerate the approval process

Here is what you can expect after completing registration:

  • Approval can take up to one business day to process
  • Upon approval, an email from IGEL Academy will arrive to welcome you
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Accelerating Time to Value

Why invest in education at all? After all, you’ve got smart people on your payroll that figure things out, right? True… but is that the most efficient use of their valuable time?

It’s a logical conclusion:
Training accelerates the learning process.

It’s a practical realization:
Without training, the journey to ROI is longer.

It’s a financial calculation:
Faster ROI means money saved.

IGEL Training Services

In addition to the training available through our learning portal, customized on-site training can be made available for larger numbers of students within one organization.

Here’s what you get:

An on-site trainer prepared to instruct up to 15 students.
Hands-on experience via labs for each student.
Vouchers for up to 15 students to take the Exam for on the IGEL Academy portal.
PDF of training materials, including images of the slides presented during the course.
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