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The Secure Endpoint OS
for Financial Services
Now & Next

Stay protected with the modern financial services endpoint built for preventative security and compliance. IGEL’s endpoint strategy for now and next enables financial services organizations to deliver secure, cloud-based digital workspaces that support excellent customer service, reduce breaches, and optimize IT budgets.

Business Continuity

IGEL enables secure work from home

IGEL helped Standard Life Assurance, part of Phoenix Group, to set up a secure ” office in a box” work from home solution for 4,500 staff.

“The bottom line is we delivered a two-year project in weeks. That’s because of IGEL OS, the ease of management of the whole environment”


Improved Endpoint Security

IGEL and COCC pioneer EUC innovation in Fintech

COCC’s iWorkstation powered by IGEL enables community banks and credit unions to monitor, manage, and safeguard their endpoints seamlessly.

“IGEL COSMOS has been a game changer for us, dramatically improving security at the endpoint with its unique approach of separating the IGEL OS from the application layer”


Simplicity for IT and Employees

IGEL OS removes endpoint management complexity

Toppan Vintage, now called Toppan Merrill, chose IGEL to simplify and secure their communications and printing services for financial services and insurance companies during their global expansion plans.

“We have the ability to easily manage all our endpoints”

Delivering CAPEX and OPEX Savings

BNP say goodbye to patching nightmares

IGEL OS removes endpoint management complexity by minimize updates, reboots and outages that can affect customer services.

“Administrators have been able to forget about nights spent on the regular installation of security patches, system restarts after crashes or reinstalling systems due to hardware failure.


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Built for financial services
use cases

IGEL  OS delivers secure, fast access to digital workspaces for financial services organizations. IGEL supports fast onboarding for new users and business services, puts important client information at the fingertips of associates and secures data to meet industry compliance requirements. 


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