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Quickly deploy virtual desktops and apps to enable secure work on-prem or remote.
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Microsoft and IGEL allow secure, reliable access to corporate apps and data from anywhere. AVD gives you the ability to deploy Citrix or VMware VDI on Azure. IGEL OS, with its read-only file system, modular architecture, and “chain of trust”, turns endpoint devices into non-targets for hackers.

AVD and IGEL can save you time and money. AVD is easily scalable and IGEL can sharply reduce on procurement costs by enabling repurposing of your existing x86-64 machines.

Quickly Deploy Virtual Desktops and Apps to Enable Secure Remote Work

IGEL endpoints used in conjunction with AVD and Windows 365 allow customers to securely work remotely while drastically reducing both operational and capital expense.

AVD’s built-in security + IGEL’s read-only operating system help keep your apps and data protected.

IGEL OS can run on any compatible x86-64 device with 2+ gigs of RAM, allowing you to reduce capital expenditures by giving new life to old hardware.

Put the savings you experience by combining AVD and Windows 365 with IGEL towards other projects.

Microsoft and IGEL keep your business running smoothly

California City Blazes Trails in Move to Cloud Workspaces

“The flexibility afforded by the cloud workspace solution since adopting IGEL, Citrix and Microsoft has enabled us to keep operating–and in some cases has saved jobs.”

Chris McMasters, CIO, City of Corona

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