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The Secure Endpoint OS
for Retail
Now & Next

Deliver a consistent employee experience anywhere with the modern retail endpoint built for efficient and resilient operations. IGEL’s endpoint strategy for now and next enables retail organizations to deliver secure, cloud-based digital workspaces that assist sales and customer service, reduce breaches and optimize IT budgets.

Simplicity for IT and Employees

Automobile retailer modernizes operations at their remote branches

IGEL enables productive employee experience across auto repair center, dealership, head, branch and mobile offices.

“Without IGEL, we would not be able to operate the way we do”

Delivering CAPEX and OPEX Savings

Global retailer securely manages 20,000 endpoints, across 5,000 stores

IGEL modernizes the retail endpoint for the cloud, delivering significant endpoint hardware, software, and operational savings.

“With IGEL we saved in average $1.2 million in hardware and another million by streamlining support”

Enable High Quality and Compliant Call Centers

140 call centers from home managed securely with IGEL

Securing customer information by eliminating local data storage on the device supports regulatory compliance.

“With IGEL and Amazon Workspaces it took less than seven days to build, test and deploy. We were blown away. The icing on the cake was creating a WFH solution quickly while maintaining PCI-DSS compliance”.

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Built for retail efficiency and resilience

IGEL Endpoint OS provides modern retail organizations with security, flexibility and top-notch user experience to streamline operations, enable store associates to deliver excellent customer service and assist sales.

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