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The Secure Endpoint OS for Healthcare
Now & Next

Deliver uninterrupted care with the modern healthcare endpoint built
for preventative security.
IGEL’s endpoint strategy for now and next enables healthcare organizations to deliver secure, cloud-based digital workspaces that support delivery of patient care, reduce breaches and optimize IT budgets. 

Secure Access to Patient Information

Instant, no-click access to Microsoft AVD and
Windows 365 Cloud PC

IGEL and Imprivata collaborate to integrate IGEL OS and
Imprivata OneSign to enable seamless access to
Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 Cloud PC.


Improved Endpoint Security

Optimize clinical workflows with
Citrix and IGEL

Seamless, rapid, and secure access to clinical apps and
patient information in distributed healthcare facilities.


Delivering CAPEX and OPEX Savings

Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust upgrades IT infrastructure with IGEL

IGEL modernizes the endpoint, delivering significant endpoint hardware, software and operational savings of £500k.


Simplicity for IT and Clinicians

IGEL and LG improve workflows for Kaleida Health

Together we modernize the digital experience for clinicians and back office support staff.


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Built for healthcare
use cases

IGEL OS removes friction between technology and care providers. IGEL partners with essential care delivery peripheral manufacturers and platform providers to support speech mics, signature pads, badge-tap technologies, EMR workflows and other critical clinical and administrative functions. 

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