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Keep It Real (Simple)


Universal Management Suite (UMS) is a single management solution for up to tens of thousands of endpoints running IGEL OS. Extremely easy to use and purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments, the UMS compliments IGEL OS endpoints and significantly reduces endpoint management costs. This simple, smart, and secure management software lets IT easily manage any remote endpoint from a single console.

One Product for All Environments

High Availability

High Availability option enables the Universal Management Suite to offer any degree of scalability, availability and redundancy. With high availability, even large-scale endpoint environments (500 or more end devices) can be constantly managed by the UMS even if one of the UMS servers becomes unavailable.


The UMS can connect via a standard RESTful API to existing enterprise management, reporting, and trouble-ticketing systems (such as Microsoft SCCM, IBM Tivoli, or ServiceNow). In addition, an interface is provided for REST-compatible programming languages to connect autonomous systems together.

Endpoint Software License Portability

UMS has the ability, working in concert with the cloud-based IGEL Licensing Portal, to not only assign software licenses to endpoints but to also move a license from one endpoint to another. This “license portability” brings immense flexibility to any organization to optimize endpoint hardware usage and protect hardware investments.

IGEL UMS Management Platform

Easy, profile-based drag and drop configuration and management
Highly scalable
Service/system management integration
REST API for third party integrations
HA/disaster recovery

Key Feature


With Custom Partitions, the UMS can configure support of non-standard interfaces and protocols on IGEL-powered endpoints, to enable organizations to include connectivity and communication with clouds, networks, devices, and peripherals not currently supported in the latest IGEL OS release.

Key Feature


A Cloud Gateway functionality enables full management and control of mobile and remote devices that are “off network”, without requiring a VPN connection. This allows IT organizations to include highly mobile and remote users within their IGEL-powered endpoint estate.

Get Started for Free.

Download three free licenses of IGEL Workspace Edition which includes IGEL OS, the Universal Management Suite (UMS), the PCoIP client and the Enterprise Management Pack.

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