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Welcome to the next Generation of OS

Supporting a vast array of remote display protocols and technology integrations with over 100 partners, IGEL OS, the next-gen edge OS for digital and cloud workspaces, is purpose-built for enterprise access to virtual environments.

Secure and Simple to manage

Built on a highly secure Linux distribution to fortify your enterprise against malware, IGEL OS can run on any compatible x86-64 device to help protect your hardware investments and keep them secure.

end user

Currently, in its 7th generation, the time-tested IGEL OS operating system standardizes your endpoints and provides for adaptive configuration and granular control, while giving users a familiar, trouble free workspace.

Supporting more remote display protocols, 3rd party partner solutions to address nearly every business need, and attached peripheral devices than any alternative solution, IGEL OS is purpose-built for enterprise access to virtual environments of all types.



Hardware agnostic, IGEL OS can be run on almost any x86 endpoint. Simple to deploy, manage and secure, IGEL OS and the IGEL management platform is designed to significantly reduce the time and money associated with endpoint management and patching traditional desktops. Highly scalable, even for businesses with hundreds of thousands of devices, IGEL OS can be installed on PCs, laptops and thin clients and managed from the cloud or on-premises.


Extending the life of existing hardware assets eliminates the disruption and cost of investing in new hardware. Future-proofing your infrastructure further reduces unnecessary IT expenditures and ensures easy scalability.


Security-conscious organizations can finally be confident that the core operating system on endpoint devices has not been compromised. Support of two-factor authentication, smart card readers, biometric scanners, and trusted execution are already included. Additionally, as a highly secure Linux-based operating system, IGEL OS is virtually impossible to manipulate and extremely resistant to viruses and other malware.


From added functionality to corporate branding to screensavers that display corporate messaging, IGEL OS is designed for managed customization and cloud-based environments. It’s easy to make your endpoint devices look and perform exactly the way you want, without having to overhaul your backend infrastructure.


Pick and choose functionality. IGEL OS is designed to let an organization “turn off” unused features. Turning off unused features lets you give back resources to the system, keep your endpoints as “thin” as possible, better control endpoint usage, and minimize the attack surface of the device.


By moving desktop PC workloads from the endpoint into the cloud or a secure data center, which includes inherent fault tolerance and automated backups, you experience true efficiency while increasing security. Increase efficiency with significantly faster logins and application loading, more consistent operation, and significantly boosted performance in database lookup or query.

is not…

Not a “magnet” for malware and viruses
Not a platform that requires expensive tools to manage
Not a power-hungry desktop or laptop computer
Not an operating system that needs constant attention
Not a system that requires regular updates
Not frustrating to end users

IGEL OS 11 endpoint vs. traditional Windows 10 laptop.


IGEL Resource Library

Learn more about IGEL OS and discover infographics, tip sheets, solution briefs, and many more.

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Download free licenses of IGEL Workspace Edition which includes IGEL OS, the Universal Management Suite (UMS), multimedia codecs, the PCoIP client, and the Enterprise Management Pack.

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