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IGEL Sustainability

IGEL’s vision is to transform the way the world works, creating better outcomes for people, organizations and our planet. Let’s look at how IGEL OS helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint while we at IGEL do our part as a responsible member of the global community.

Our promise

At IGEL we are committed to developing technologies that reduce the impact on the environment and support sustainable business practices.

Work from anywhere
with IGEL OS

Flexible work models reduce commuting emissions and office energy consumption, while increasing flexibility for employees.


Let your people use their endpoint devices of choice wherever they wish, by supporting flexible and energy-saving work styles.

Extend the lifespan of devices

Repurposing hardware with IGEL OS to connect to the cloud reduces the number of devices sent to landfill, manufacturing energy consumption, and the mining of natural resources and mineral elements used for chips and boards.

IGEL Earth Day

Every day is earth day, but each year on April 22nd the world comes together to collectively contemplate how we can leave the planet in better shape for future generations. Tech can do its part as well to help care for this wonderful planet that sustains us so well.

Optimize End User Computing

IGEL OS and cloud technologies enable users to work on smaller, low energy devices such as laptops, thin clients or Raspberry PI endpoints, supporting BYOD strategies. This reduces the need for power-hungry desktops.

Adopt a hybrid cloud strategy

IGEL OS accelerates access to any cloud-delivered digital workspace. Using public cloud services to move workloads to the cloud can offload the environmental impact of maintaining power hungry enterprise data centers.



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Go Green with IGEL

2019 Video with Jed Ayres and David Rooney of AMD discussing sustainability and measures taken to reduce environmental impact.

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