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IGEL works with a broad international network of channel partners who deliver and fulfill solutions and products to our end customers. These channel partners can offer value-added services that complement IGEL’s product offering. Multiple levels of partner status can be achieved based on the amount of business these partners provide to our joint customers.


IGEL has well over 80 partner technologies integrated with IGEL OS. This technology partner network allows for a vast range of end-to-end solutions that satisfy our joint customers’ needs and challenges. These integrated technololgies include media drivers, virtualization clients, commonly implemented peripheral interfaces, security protocols and devices, and virtualization and cloud access protocols.


Powered by IGEL OS, and coupled with a vast ecosystem of integrated technology partners, systems integrators can quickly craft solutions for almost any use case or workload.

Choose the right partner level for you

IGEL Partner Levels

There are multiple levels of partnership with IGEL, not all are available in each region and because we understand the need for localization, we set slightly different rules for different places.

Authorized IGEL Partner (AIP): this level is the front door to our relationship and hence you do not have an annual revenue target and although part of our family, are effectively an unmanaged partner. IGEL AIPs can resell IGEL solutions provided they meet authorized level requirements, which vary in each region, but the minimum is that you keep your technical and sales knowledge up to date and can process orders through IGEL authorized distributors. Authorized IGEL partners do not have an assigned IGEL field resource.

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By joining the IGEL Partner Program, a partner consents to receive program-related information from IGEL and agrees to provide sales and marketing data as required and acceptable under law.

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