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There are multiple levels of partnership with IGEL, not all are available in each region and because we understand the need for localization, we set slightly different rules for different places.

Authorized IGEL Partner (AIP)

This level is the front door to our relationship and hence you do not have an annual revenue target and although part of our family, are effectively an unmanaged partner. IGEL AIPs can resell IGEL solutions provided they meet authorized level requirements, which vary in each region, but the minimum is that you keep your technical and sales knowledge up to date and can process orders through IGEL authorized distributors. Authorized IGEL partners do not have an assigned IGEL field resource.

Gold Partners

Gold partners have a closer relationship with IGEL with specific annual revenue targets and work with the IGEL team as a managed partner to build mutual success with revenue and marketing targets via quarterly business reviews and activity plans. A minimum deal size is required for deal registration which may vary by country.

Platinum Partners (by invitation only)

Platinum partners are invited into the program by achieving a high level of revenue and technical expertise in IGEL products and solutions. Platinum partners have specific annual revenue targets with quarterly business plans, revenue targets, and are usually assigned an IGEL field resource as a managed partner. The assigned IGEL field resource helps Platinum partners build and execute quarterly business plans to achieve revenue targets. The assigned IGEL field resource also conducts quarterly business reviews to ensure that program requirements are met.

Partners who wish to establish a purchasing relationship with an authorized IGEL Distributor to resell IGEL products, and who wish to become eligible to receive various IGEL partner program benefits, must qualify for and join the applicable reselling program. We only sell via distribution, but we engage directly with our channel partners at all levels. Our global distribution network can be found at the following URL’s


Program membership levels are assigned for successive one-year terms, provided that the partner remains in compliance with all program requirements. IGEL reviews program compliance regularly.

There is a mandatory technical certification for Gold and Platinum levels.

IGEL reserves the right to re-level partners that no longer meet the requirements of their membership level at any time before the end of the one-year term.

A minimum deal size is required for deal registration and may vary by country.


“Territory” means the country in which a partner’s principal place of business is located, as identified in the application form. Upon acceptance into the IGEL Partner Program, partners shall be authorized to resell solely to end-users who are located in the territory. Partners with an operating presence in more than one country must submit an application form on behalf of each country where the partner desires to resell. Each local/regional office, legal entity, or related organization that wants to join the IGEL Partner Program must satisfy program membership requirements on its own merit.

Multi Office Partners: In the case of multi-location partners, the decision on a national or regional accreditation will be made by the country manager.

In the case of acquisitions, mergers, or other business combinations, the existing membership level of the surviving entity and the operating status of the acquired or merged entity, as applicable, shall dictate the membership criteria applicable to the newly formed entity.

Purchase Authorization Discounts for IGEL Products

Partners that wish to resell IGEL products and that meet the requirements outlined in this program can qualify to receive varying discounts on IGEL products, as passed down through an authorized IGEL distributor.

It is our expectation that our distribution partners will comply with our channel program. This includes the passing of deal registration discounts or any other marketing program incentive discounts provided by IGEL to the partner from time to time.

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