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ezeep Blue

Exclusive WVD Print Support for IGEL OS

ezeep™ Blue is the only way to connect existing printers to WVD using IGEL OS™.Seamlessly integrated into IGEL OS™.

ezeep™ supports home offices, offices and remote locations alike. No print servers or printer drivers are needed to deliver perfect edge printing with high speed, high quality and unmatched security.

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Product Details

ezeep™ Blue cloud printing and IGEL OS™ are the perfect combination to bring cloud workspaces to any business, school, college, hospital and more, or at offices, campuses and home offices too.

Tightly integrated into IGEL OS™, no extra login is required for users to have their printers available in WVD – IGEL OS™ signs the user into WVD and ezeep™ simultaneously.

Once a user initiates a printout, their job is securely sent from WVD to ezeep™ to be processed and relayed to the user’s IGEL OS™ device and to the printer. Based entirely on outbound network connections, this setup also keeps printers and the sensitive data they process shielded from direct connections to the internet. 

The integration supports (home) office printers, MFPs as well as specialty printers such as label printers.


Works with any printer
ezeep™ allows any existing printer to be used from an IGEL OS™ device. Home office and office printers are supported just as well as label and other specialty printers in a lab or retail outlet and connections can be made via the local network or USB.

No print servers or printer drivers
ezeep™ handles all the tricky parts of printing to deliver a high-quality print out to the user’s IGEL OS™ devices. No print servers or printer drivers are required in WVD, Azure or at the user’s location.

Integrates seamlessly into Windows Virtual Desktop
ezeep™ is seamlessly integrated into IGEL OS™ and no extra login is necessary, meaning that a user’s printers will appear in WVD instantly. Only ezeep™ can do that.

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