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The management team of IGEL always needs new experienced staff to increase its sales reach and to further expand its channel partner support programs. It is therefore constantly being strengthened by new experts in account management, channel sales, presales engineering, technical architecture and training.

Nicholas Helms

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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I see it as a great challenge to establish IGEL as our own leading international IT brand.

Heiko Gloge

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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We are on a mission at IGEL to change our industry and help our customers reap the benefits that this new world of network computing growth will deliver.

Jed Ayres


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I’m excited to oversee the dramatic expansion of IGEL in the USA led by our world class management software and endpoint solutions. In conjunction with our reseller and technology partners IGEL is solving the most complex challenges in securing and simplifying desktop and application virtualization solutions at scale.

Lori Thompson

Chief People Officer

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There are few things better than working with people who are passionate about what they do. That is IGEL.

Simon Richards

Chief Customer Officer

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I joined IGEL in 2006, and from that day it was obvious that IGEL had a very different approach to developing solutions. This consistent difference has helped us grow as an independent company to a world leader in endpoint and workspace management solutions.

Martin van Os

Chief Financial Officer

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I joined IGEL because of its leading position in the endpoint and workspace management solutions segment - my aim is to support the team on its further sustainable growth path.

Matthias Haas

Chief Technology Officer

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Being part of IGEL’s success story for this long, I have absorbed this company’s DNA – creating solutions for our customers and helping them solve endpoint security and optimization challenges in any business environment.

Nicole Simons

Chief of Staff

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Not only does IGEL have an incredible high-quality solution, but we also have the best in class talent that helps drive our success in the marketplace.

Bradley Tompkins

Chief Sales Officer

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IGEL offers an unbelievably simple solution allowing companies to deliver secure and fast access to cloud based applications. Our family-like culture seeps into our highly stable product and devoted customer service.

Simon Townsend

Chief Marketing Officer

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Over the past 20 years I’ve worked to help organizations adopt technology that will transform their end user productivity and experience while simplifying and securing IT operations.

Bernd Sengpiehl

Chief Operations Officer

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IGEL’s products and services are the leading next generation end user computing solutions, and I’m excited to help IGEL become the #1 company in simple, smart, and secure access to cloud workspaces! We have the products, the people and the passion!
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