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Citrix Ready Shines the Spotlight on IGEL

The results are in… IGEL is a proud winner of this year’s Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest!  Each year, the Citrix Ready team opens the call for videos that showcase the power of innovative solutions that enable Citrix users to do amazing things. IGEL’s video was named one of just three winning submissions! 

The video, “How IGEL Turbocharges Your Unified Communications,” showcases how you can enable Skype for Business across an organization in just 60 seconds using the Citrix-Ready IGEL UD Pocket. 

The simple demonstration video quickly walks through four easy steps to engage Skype for Business with Citrix including:

  1. Use the UD Pocket to convert any x86 device into an IGEL endpoint
  2. Register the device in the IGEL Universal Management Suite
  3. Create a Skype for Business profile with Citrix Real Time Media Engine enabled
  4. Assign the profile via drag & drop

You can watch it here:

To quote the contest-winning Citrix blog: “The voting race was really close with many finding it a challenge to pick one among the great videos on show. We commend the creative rendition of integration of the products and solutions with Citrix technology, an especially (enjoyed) seeing them make a difference in an enterprise setting.”

Thank you, Citrix! We’re pleased to be recognized and appreciate having the Citrix Ready Spotlight shine on us. 

Read more about the IGEL UD Pocket, the winning solution profiled in the video, here.

Simon Clephan

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