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#disruptEUC: IGEL is Driving Innovation in End User Compute. Making VDI and Endpoints Relevant and Sexy Again!

#disruptEUC: IGEL is Driving Innovation in End User Compute. Making VDI and Endpoints Relevant and Sexy Again!

About a year and a half ago I joined IGEL, a company few people had ever heard of… and if you had heard of IGEL you were probably German and knew them as a niche endpoint hardware manufacturer. Endpoints? Why should you care? Boring dumb terminals, commodity hardware right? VDI a slow growth market…no innovation…moving on to more exciting things… big data, AI, mobility, cloud, security and IoT.

Well fast forward 18 months and IGEL is leading and reenergizing the VDI and End User Computing market with our software-defined approach to delivering the most secure and manageable endpoints in the industry. VDI and End User Computing are hot again as organizations migrate to Windows 10 and are looking for secure ways to manage endpoint point, mitigate the threats of ransomware, malware and keep up with the ever expanding world of data protection and compliance. They’re also looking at innovative ways to securely deliver applications, data and desktops from the cloud from AWS and Microsoft to any device.

IGEL is giving organizations ways to do all of this on existing x86 hardware, potentially saving millions of dollars and the planet too. Imagine one person managing tens of thousands of devices through a single intuitive management tool. The most exciting thing about IGEL is the ecosystem that we work with… rich out of the box integrations with Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Imprivata, Lakeside, Samsung, Parallels, and many more. Management and seamless integrations that just work and make life for IT administrators so much easier.

And guess what…all of this innovation and technology is going to be on full display in Q1 2018 in three continents in three cities, Bremen, Germany, Austin, USA and Melbourne Australia. In addition to our ecosystem partners, we will be joined by real customers using IGEL, the best EUC solution providers on the plant as well as industry experts from 451 Group, Gartner, and IoT Advisory Group. Of course we also have top speakers from VMware like Sumit Dhawan and Citrix like Tim Minahan among other rock stars.

And if you’re looking to get IGEL trained and certified, we will have a Technical Boot Camp allowing you to go hands on with the most innovative solutions on the market like UD Pocket, IGEL Cloud Gateway and our Universal Management Suite. Heck after one day of intensive training you’ll become an IGEL Certified Engineer (ICE).

Please join us for this amazing event..register at Space is limited so sign up today.

Jed Ayres

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