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Forget Brexit. Focus on security.

Forget Brexit. Focus on security.

zorro-300x216We live in times characterised by the ‘new normal’. Obviously there’s Brexit. Many pundits and politicians really didn’t see that coming and the fallout of leaving the EU has only just begun as the UK navigates its exit.

But forget the side show of Brexit. The real meat and potatoes mega issue for business today concerns security. Consumer confidence has been shaken. People are on edge. You only have to consider what happened at LAX and you’ll see how real it is – an actor dressed as Zorro initiated airport lock down until it was realised that it wasn’t a terrorist attack. During a recent visit to France, police and military patrols were very visible post the attacks in Paris, Nice and Brussels.

Paranoia about security must be our ‘new normal’ in the IT industry. We have to make technology work for us. Video conferencing, Skype for Business, Citrix’s Go to Meeting have all been around for years. The technology is there to help facilitate different and secure ways of working to minimise risks to staff and we must must use it. In addition, locking down the desktop even more with thin and zero clients is not a nice to have IT option anymore but a necessity as it massively reduces hacking, phishing and spamming by removing the necessity for end-users to even think about it. Security is then controlled centrally by pros. And don’t for a second think you can’t run modern multi media applications in these types of environments.

The game has moved on. You can. And the good news for the channel is there’s money to be made by using the software endpoint approach plus the scope of the end-users VDI budget goes wider. Our channel partners have proved that to us and with solid margins on the technology, it’s a win win for end-users and channel partners alike.

Simon Richards

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