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Hyper-Accelerate IGEL Adoption on AWS with Hypersive

Hyper-Accelerate IGEL Adoption on AWS with Hypersive

Cloudy with a Chance of IGEL

Cloud-first, cloud native, cloudy-cloud-cloud-cloud! The generalizing of the term ‘Cloud’ can be exhausting to most techies’ ears; what should really matter is what one DOES to create a scalable, sustainable, and purpose-built solution for users to consume from anywhere. Especially in the post-COVID-19 world, ‘anywhere + speed’ is a phrase as extremely critical for productivity and user acceptance as cloud services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a proven leader in public cloud delivering everything from anywhere: From prototyping a big idea for a new startup, to devops, to devops, or to a massive, global multi-region highly available content delivery business like Netflix, AWS has built quite an impressive list of customers and services.

But what does this have to do with IGEL? Let’s take a quick look:

IGEL’s tag line is often marketed as the ‘next-gen edge-os for cloud workspaces’ because of how IGEL provides multiple ways to connect to your apps, data, and workspaces on virtually any device. Here’s what this looks like in AWS:

Amazon and IGEL Network Diagram

As you can see, the IGEL UMS and ICG help manage, control, and enable the IGEL OS. While all well and fine, IGEL’s platform leaves much of the setup, testing, and modification to you and the specific needs of your organization.

This open approach allows for maximum flexibility but has potential for critical gaps with time-to-value, roll-out schedules, and user acceptance testing, which can take months in a best case scenario…but must it? The power and speed of AWS can and should be leveraged to enable this, but how? Enter Hypersive.

Hyper + Immersive = Hypersive

Like most that know him, I remember in perfect clarity the first time I met Steve Mueller and heard him pitch an idea that became known as “Extreme AppStream”; it was a demo idea for AWS re:Invent 2019 to build a real time gaming scenario/LAN party hosted in EC2 and leveraging technologies from many leading technology companies. Steve, a former WorkSpaces End-User-Computing Solutions principal member and EUC expert, was convinced this would showcase the power of the cloud working together with these adjacent technologies.

Photograph Courtesy of ZeroSpace:

I was sold on the idea and together (8+ hours a day for over a month), we created a gaming demo using AWS, Google Stadia, Xbox, Twitch and IGEL running on LG thin clients that blew the socks off of anyone who saw it. That’s Steve – He makes the impossible not only possible, but tangible. If you haven’t seen Steve Mueller present, here’s a re:Invent 2015 YouTube session with him entitled ‘How is Moving to Amazon WorkSpaces’.

This is what Steve’s creating with Hypersive, a leading AWS partner to IGEL focused on accelerating user adoption. Hypersive’s user-centric approach towards adoption of new technologies has already disrupted other industries like physical security at Milestone, where Hypersive helped lead Milestone through their transition to cloud on AWS.

Hypersive is helping IGEL customers accelerate and adopt their strategies for public cloud on AWS, and within days, will present a conceptual keynote this. But you could be asking yourself, ‘why do I need to fast-track user adoption with AWS and IGEL?’ Look no further than the current pandemic.

Disrupt the Norm: Time Waits for No One

Remember this adage about time? COVID-19 has only magnified this 100x. Enterprises are hungry for ways to:

  • Save on capital expenditures (cash flow)
  • Double-down on just-in-time services for secure delivery of apps, data, and workspaces
  • Increase productivity for a distributed workforce
  • Ensure user-acceptance from anywhere

IGEL’s Digital Disrupt, happening on June 25th, 2020, is a cloud-forum (there we go with another cloud moniker) for enterprises and users to come together and learn about solving problems in situations like what COVID-19 has presented.

IGEL Digital Disrupt Banner 2020

How AWS, IGEL, and Hypersive come together to solve this will be on full display during Hypersive’s session from 2:20pm-2:45pm PST entitled:

‘Running the Entire IGEL Stack in AWS, Including Endpoints, to Accelerate Adoption Across the Board’.

Rather than try and restate its purpose, I’ll use the description itself:

“Yes, you can put the ICG and UMS in AWS – we’ll show you how – but did you know that you can and should also put your actual endpoints in AWS as part of your deployment and acceptance testing plans? In this session, we’ll show you how to run cloud-first everything with IGEL, provision the Deployment Appliance and your actual OS endpoints in EC2, and why it’s so critical for eliminating the ultimate EUC killer – end-user acceptance friction – while shaving months from your deployment schedule.”

Part of IGEL’s DNA is disruption, and next week this will be on full display with Hypersive presenting as a premier partner for accelerating adoption of IGEL on AWS. Cloud-first for IGEL is here.

Disruptive, right 🙂

Join Us

By next week, Below are the details to register for IGEL Digital Disrupt. And while there’s a lot of amazing content, come and interact with us about how Amazon, IGEL, and Hypersive can help you accelerate and truly adopt a next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces.

Register today!

2:20pm – 2:45pm PST,

Session 402: Running the Entire IGEL Stack in AWS, Including Endpoints, to Accelerate Adoption Across the Board

IGEL Digital Disrupt Session 402 for Hypersive snippet

Mike Barmonde

Business Development Manager at IGEL Technology

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