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IGEL Amps up Endpoint Security with deviceTRUST

IGEL and contextual awareness provider deviceTRUST are the perfect match.  We both believe in giving people the most flexible, secure device options possible so they can be the most productive in their work.  And we both love to push the envelope in developing technology that makes endpoint computing more secure, and more able to support any device, any location, anywhere – protecting data at the same time.

So we are doubly pleased that IGEL is the first manufacturer to integrate deviceTRUST’s dynamic context awareness technology into its endpoint computing solutions.  We know end-users on the go may not always have compliance or security requirements as their top of mind concerns.  With deviceTRUST, an IGEL OS 10.03.500 end-user will only gain access to applications that are secure for that context.  If an end-user is in a café, and accessing their corporate desktop from an unsecured Wi-Fi hookup, deviceTRUST will control – via context awareness – which applications are appropriate for that particular individual at that specific location.  As end-users roam between IGEL OS-powered endpoints, they are now covered by deviceTRUST protection.

IGEL continues to prove that its endpoint security and optimization software is the secure answer to a diverse, x-86 device environment.  We welcome like-minded innovators like deviceTRUST who are adding another layer of security that IT needs to prevent risk.


deviceTRUST is now available with IGEL OS 10.03.500 and can be activated via the IGEL Universal Management SuiteTM (UMS) management console.


deviceTRUST is a Gold-level sponsor for IGEL DISRUPT End User Computing Forum 2018 in Germany. Additionally, Sascha Goeckel, CEO of deviceTRUST will be presenting at IGEL DISRUPT EMEA, taking place in Bremen, Germany from January 17-19, 2018.  For more information and to register, click here.

Simon Clephan

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