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IGEL and NVIDIA: Your Autobahn to the Hybrid Cloud

Get on track with us at VMworld, August 25-29, San Francisco

European drivers know, speed and lane discipline are of the essence on the autobahn. The same can be said for enterprises’ expectations of how fast they can get to the hybrid cloud and which particular version. Equally important is how quick they can deploy the most powerful graphics-rich VDI solutions for users who all demand absolutely everything as fast as they can get it – whether it be creating professional graphics or using virtualized AI tools.

IGEL and NVIDIA are partnering to satisfy the expectations of business users as IT moves their desktops to the cloud.  “If it ain’t at least as fast and graphically responsive as the fat client, then it ain’t happening.”  Just as the graphics world has evolved from NVIDIA’s earlier days of pioneering graphics processing, ‘the cloud’ has morphed into endless variations of multi-cloud architecture.

Think back even five years ago when no one would have thought they’d be putting all their Microsoft Office data in the cloud. Today, more than 85% of enterprises have migrated to Office 365.  IGEL believes now that Microsoft is on-board with WVD, that most Desktops are going to move to the cloud… most likely hybrid cloud at first.  That plus Windows 7 EoL in January means it’s decision time, Windows 10 on the endpoint or in the data center – either way you’re going to need more power and particularly graphics acceleration to get the performance your users expect.

So, how does a customer put it all together – fully using the cloud to competitive advantage? How do they ensure users at the endpoint have what they need when running VDI? It takes the following three elements:

  1. IGEL: IGEL OS-powered devices at the edge, coupled with IGEL’s centralized universal endpoint management and cloud gateway for off-premises devices.
  2. NVIDIA: Accelerated graphics for virtualized desktops and applications.
  3. VMware Horizon 7: Access to all of their virtual desktops, applications, and online services through a single digital workspace on any cloud.

With NVIDIA in the data center running VDI, IGEL OS at the endpoint, and VMware providing the autobahn track, if you will, enterprises can deliver the graphics-rich VDI environment that users need to be effective in their work today.

Full Speed Ahead!

Stop by IGEL’s booth #1563 at VMworld where we’ll be demonstrating with VMware’s Test Drive portal. Read more here. And be sure to put our NVIDIA booth theatre presentation in your calendar: Wednesday, August 28th at 2:15 PM. Our topic is: Why VMware Horizon 7 is better with IGEL and NVIDIA.

See you there!

Simon Clephan

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