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IGEL and Partners Are the Endpoint Prescription for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, early attempts at desktop virtualization were oftentimes hampered by Windows PC limitations or lacking the robust security framework HIPAA and other regulations demand. Healthcare IT today is transitioning from this unproductive and vulnerable approach to a much more secure end-user computing (EUC) model that can support Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) by replacing Windows at the edge with Linux-based IGEL OS powered endpoint devices.

IGEL and our extensive ecosystem of partners are delivering the VDI goods for healthcare: IGEL’s software-defined endpoints are powered by the highly secure IGEL OS, which supports over 80 third-party software integrations and can be configured and managed remotely. And we are fierce advocates that Windows needs to move to the data center or the Cloud so healthcare organizations can more easily protect critically sensitive electronic assets and secure and manage the endpoint hardware that needs to perform at its best. Windows in the datacenter can take advantage of the fact that the data center is typically configured with a high degree of fault tolerance and data protection with redundancy and automatic backups built-in.

Improving patient outcomes is the goal in healthcare. Today’s healthcare professionals use portable devices routinely, moving between locations and expecting a consistent user experience at all times. IGEL and our partners are providing reliable, secure end-user computing to remove friction from clinicians’ daily workflows to help them focus their complete attention on delivering outstanding care. By using IGEL OS-based devices, healthcare organizations benefit from a platform-independent solution that runs on a broad range of traditional PC, laptop, tablet, and thin client hardware. The lightweight and secure software-defined platform are ideally suited for supporting the functionality and sensitive data protection demands of mission-critical healthcare environments.

Please take a few minutes to review how IGEL and its partners are helping healthcare providers achieve better patient outcomes while adhering to strict data protection mandates through secure, centrally managed endpoints that support clinician productivity in this new paper: IGEL for Healthcare.

Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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