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IGEL and VMware: A “Perfect Pair” for Cost-Effectively Securing the Enterprise

IGEL and VMware: A “Perfect Pair” for Cost-Effectively Securing the Enterprise

Last week at VMware Explore 2023 in Barcelona, IGEL showcased how our Secure Enterprise Endpoint OS (IGEL OS) secures modern enterprise environments in partnership with VMware.

Our experts, including CTO Matthias Haas, Vice President of Sales Brian Cornell, Vice President of Vertical Solutions James Millington, and Claudio Nessi, Regional Vice President, were on hand to share insights with organizations attending the event on how to manage endpoint security and cloud applications while saving money.

Some of the key takeaways our team took from the event include:

  1. The elephant in the room. We all know changes are coming at VMware and that, unfortunately, people will be affected. But what was encouraging from an EUC perspective was a signaling of the continued innovation and investment in the Workspace ONE and Horizon platforms.
  2. Optimizing the journey to the cloud. The multi-cloud story applies to end-user compute as well as the data center. Whether through a journey directly from on-premises deployments to DaaS, or split strategies of bursting to the cloud for additional scale or disaster recovery (DR), organizations are looking for flexibility to move between environments easily. Having an endpoint designed for simplicity that can be easily reconfigured to connect to a new desktop environment is critical to the success of these projects.

    Download our solution brief, “11 Reasons to Choose IGEL Enterprise Endpoint OS 12 for VMware Workspace ONE and Horizon 8.”

  3. Endpoint security. Security has long been a benefit of virtual desktops. The ability to reboot to a clean image is instrumental in getting organizations up and running in the event of a successful attack. But the benefits of this can be lost if the endpoint doesn’t share the same reboot to clean approach. IGEL’s Preventive Security Model eliminates endpoint vulnerabilities and enables centralized management of IGEL endpoints from the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), regardless of physical location. IGEL and VMware Horizon are among the most resilient IT infrastructures to combat ransomware and other malware.
  4. Partnerships. Seeing such a great turnout of partners – and friends was great. The integrations between Workspace ONE and Horizon platform and the rich partner ecosystem help our end customers deliver meaningful solutions for specific use cases, such as healthcare. IGEL’s newly announced integration with Workspace ONE Identity Services is one example of a customer-driven partnership where we delivered the right user experience to solve specific workflow issues.
  5. User Experience and Cost Optimization. Digital employee experience is a hot topic for many organizations – and we agree. In fact, we’d be very appreciative if you’d take two minutes to fill out the survey we are running with our partner, LG. Ensuring simple, consistent access without delays, distractions, or security issues is core to our Secure Enterprise Endpoint OS. As budgets tighten and organizations look for ways to support innovations like DaaS, Cloud, and SaaS (and working out how to incorporate AI!), optimizing your endpoint for the cloud is a critical part of this strategy.

Download our solution brief here to learn how IGEL and VMware make the “perfect pair” for easy, safe, and cost-effective end-user computing for today’s modern enterprises.

James Millington

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