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IGEL Ready, Set, Go!

IGEL Ready, Set, Go!

IGEL Creates an Ecosystem of Endless Possibilities with New IGEL Ready Program

IGEL today has set a new milestone with the launch of the IGEL Ready program. Developed to create an ecosystem of technology partners that are assured to integrate seamlessly with IGEL OS, IGEL Ready will take IGEL to new levels of customer adoption. Read the press release.

Already over 90 companies’ technology – hardware, software and applications – integrates with IGEL OS. Featuring programs, tools and resources, IGEL Ready will enable IGEL to double this number by 2021.

What’s this mean for IGEL customers and channel partners? Confidence. IGEL Ready delivers the confidence customers want and the insights they need for more informed decisions on the technology that can be rapidly deployed, for fast value, with minimal risk.

For technology partners it also delivers a new collaborative forum where ecosystem partners can engage with one another, as well as with IGEL, building a sense of camaraderie and cross-directional cooperation. As a result, we can all deliver more tightly integrated solutions that further the businesses of all EUC-focused vendors and partners. The possibilities are truly endless when we work together.

In specific, IGEL Ready offers dedicated programs and technology verifications across eight categories:

  • Cloud Workspaces / VDI / DaaS
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Software and applications
  • Endpoints
  • Peripherals and others
  • Printers and scanners
  • Security
  • Analytics

Each category outlines specific hardware and software requirements to ensure IGEL OS compatibility. Once determined to be “IGEL Ready” the vendor and their products will be included in the IGEL Ready Showcase where channel partners and customers can view the solutions that best support their IGEL environments.

IGEL is already working with more than 150 partners to include them in the program. Initial IGEL Ready members are enthusiastic about the value. View a full list of supporting partner quotes here.

The IGEL Ready program is actively seeking additional partners to join IGEL Ready. By participating, partners can reach more than 17,000 IGEL customers with over 3 million IGEL OS-powered endpoints, and thousands of resellers.

With IGEL Ready, customers and partners can find the products that give them the assurance their environment is ready to “go” out of the box with less effort and implementation time. Our open and secure IGEL OS is primed for partner integration as we ride the wave of today’s demand for a more agile, yet manageable, edge workspace.

Learn more about IGEL Ready today.


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