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IGEL’s new hardware design is on track for the EUC revolution

IGEL’s new hardware design is on track for the EUC revolution

IGEL is known for IGEL OS, the platform-independent next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces.  And, rightfully so given the IGEL OS’s huge success in making the life of endpoint administrators so much easier, while at the same time delivering a great experience to end users.  But it’s important to remember that IGEL offers world-class hardware endpoint devices as well, including the newest member of the IGEL endpoint family, the compact and cost-effective UD2.

Following its adrenalin-pumping debut running a Forza race car simulation at Citrix Synergy this past May, the IGEL UD2 has continued to impress – proving itself to be a popular endpoint choice for customers across all industries.  This new endpoint has contributed to IGEL’s worldwide 47% revenue growth so far this year.

IGEL is revolutionizing end user computing (EUC) with its flexibility, range of options and service. IGEL’s innovative software and hardware technology releases the shackles of tradition and status quo, empowering our customers with software-defined endpoints consisting of IGEL devices like the UD2, compatible x86 devices from other vendors, or a combination of these.  The common thread is IGEL OS.

UD2 Modern and compact design

The UD2 introduces a sleek and eco-friendly design optimized for space-constrained workplaces. Powered by IGEL OS with its comprehensive suite of technology integrations and client protocols, and managed by IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) within a single IGEL Workspace Edition license, the UD2 provides a simple and secure software-defined endpoint for agile VDI, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) environments, and other cloud-enabled technologies.

Affordable performance

The IGEL UD2 features a quad-core processor providing robust performance for use cases ranging from office applications, to media consumption, web communication and collaboration, and cloud access across any industry. The most prominent businesses include healthcare, retail, financial services and public sector government and education.

Smart and secure

Create your workplace of the future with confidence. Coupled with IGEL Workspace Edition, powered by IGEL OS and managed by UMS software, the UD2 offers a complete package.  Enhanced security features including UEFI Secure Boot validation prevents the manipulation of the boot sequence and subsequent execution of malware.“IGEL offers high-quality hardware solutions that are optimized for the delivery of virtual and cloud-enabled desktops,” said Scott Williams, Director Infrastructure and Solution Services, Sirius. “IGEL’s new UD2 is a high-performance endpoint, designed for today’s space-constrained workspaces, which offers clients the flexibility and scalability needed for their graphics-intensive applications, including video communications and collaboration.”

IGEL’s hardware family plays a key role in the revolution

It doesn’t stop there.  At IGEL we are planning more additions to our family of endpoint devices to further optimize our hardware offering, including an even more performant and feature-rich endpoint in the coming months. IGEL is committed to offering its customers a complete yet flexible solution with a choice of modern hardware, next-gen edge OS IGEL OS, and feature-rich management subscriptions.  Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming new IGEL endpoint powered by IGEL OS, the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces.

Try it for yourself and test the IGEL UD2 in your environment. Order an evaluation unit today on

Catherine Gallagher

Senior Product Marketing Manager at IGEL
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