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IT Baller Finalist Budd Baer Auto Upgrades Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with IGEL

Family owned for three generations, Washington, PA-based Budd Baer Auto is one of the largest car dealerships in its market, selling Buick, GMC, Mazda and Subaru vehicles.  It embarked on a $10 million expansion project to construct two new dealership locations. Around five years ago, the dealership moved away from a traditional desktop PC model by adopting virtual desktop and server virtualization using VMware.  To complete virtualization Budd Baer Auto chose IGEL for its Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) technology and Universal Management Suite (UMS) to refresh and upgrade equipment, to virtually manage five separate sites, and to provide IGEL-OS powered endpoints at the new locations when completed.

Budd Baer Auto was chosen to be an IT Baller finalist because Ryan Kelly and his team are demonstrating many significant benefits of IGEL’s endpoint security and optimization solutions:  IGEL’s UDC software saves organizations money by extending the life of x86-based PC or laptops. Budd Baer Auto used the IGEL UDC to turn existing Windows-based HP laptops and desktops into IGEL OS-powered endpoints.  Budd Baer Auto also simplified IT management and reduced staff time by centrally managing endpoints with IGEL’s UMS console.  Lastly, IGEL has made Budd Baer Auto’s company data far more secure with its Linux OS-powered endpoints and UMS which can lock out unauthorized users.

“We’ve been looking carefully at expenses and what we can do to help the bottom line and make IT less of a cost overhead. Using IGEL’s UDC, management can see more value coming back from all the different technologies we’ve invested in.”

-Ryan Kelly, Network and Systems Administrator, Budd Baer Auto

Learn more about Budd Baer Auto’s use of IGEL in this video:

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