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IT Baller Finalist Diversicare Performs Seamless Companywide Virtualization with IGEL

Voting for your favorite IT Baller Testimonial story comes to a close today!

The final story in our IT Baller Finalist series showcases a compelling story in the healthcare market: Diversicare, a Tennessee-based provider of post-acute care facilities.

After acquiring 22 centers already on a Citrix VDI platform, Diversicare wanted to transition to companywide virtualization and move from outdated fat clients to modern endpoints. Its goals were two-fold: to execute a facelift on old equipment without having to spend heavily on new machine investment, and to lower its IT footprint to enable easier acquisition of facilities in the future.

After looking for an endpoint solution that could integrate with Citrix, was turnkey and could enable integration and standardization across all its 76 centers, in 10 states, Diversicare chose IGEL‘sUD Pocket and the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS).

Diversicare is an IT Baller finalist because CIO April Marbury, Shanna Persful, Director of IT Operations, and their team have shown that by using IGEL’s thin clients and centralized endpoint security and optimization they have been able to reduce demands on IT staff. At the same time, they’ve quickly and seamlessly transitioned to a modern, virtualized desktop infrastructure.

Literally overnight, Diversicare can transition a center to modern endpoints by repurposing old hardware with IGEL’s UD Pocket, and then manage all these endpoints with a simple drag and drop interface on the IGEL UMS.  IGEL also provides a secure, consistent user experience for nursing staff accessing Electronic Medical Record systems for patient data.

The end benefit? In the first year of IGEL deployment, Diversicare expects to save more than $600K in hardware refresh and software licensing costs.

“We chose IGEL for its simplicity and support. They delivered on that and much more.”

-April Marbury, CIO Director, Diversicare

Learn more about Diversicare’s use of IGEL in this video:

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Interested in learning more about how IGEL’s UMS can help you? Visit this webpage.


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