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Life on the Edge Episode 4: Automated AVD and Cloud PC Deployment with Nerdio Manager

Life on the Edge Episode 4: Automated AVD and Cloud PC Deployment with Nerdio Manager

IGEL’s Life on the Edge is a regular podcast series featuring key IGEL partners discussing the hottest topics in end user computing (EUC). In Episode 4 I talk to Neil McLoughlin who is the UK Field CTO for Nerdio.

Automated AVD and Cloud PC Deployment.

In this episode I talk to Neil about the recent launch of Windows 365 Cloud PC and Neil gives a detailed description of the solution including Nerdio Manager. Nerdio Manager gives you the ability to automate the deployment and management of AVD and Cloud PC from a single console.

We discuss how Nerdio helps with deployment and Neil runs through a demo of the solution. We also discuss how things have progressed in EUC and how you can use Nerdio, Microsoft and IGEL for a complete end to end solution for AVD and Cloud PC.

Learn more about IGEL and Microsoft here and in the Virtualbrat blog here.

Then watch the Life on the Edge Podcast Episode 4 Here:


Stay tuned for our next Life on the Edge podcast. Episode 5 will be a little different because I will be talking to Ben Ward who is a senior SE on IGEL’s Enterprise Team, and we will be discussing Digital Employee Experience and why it has become such an important metric

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