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Life on the Edge Season 2 Episode 1: EUC Trends for 2022

Life on the Edge Season 2 Episode 1: EUC Trends for 2022

IGEL’s Life on the Edge is a regular podcast series featuring key IGEL partners discussing the hottest topics in end user computing (EUC). To open Season 2 we are privileged to have IGEL’s own CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Simon Townsend.

EUC Trends for 2022

The episode starts with an intro to Simon and his career progression in the world of EUC. Despite having the title of CMO, Simon used to be a techie! We then look at the major trends of EUC including hybrid working we look at the pros and cons and the questions even get flipped on me and we discuss how despite working together for 2 years we have never met, thankfully we resolved that last week and met up in London. But it highlighted the strange world we have been living in for the last 2 years.

We delve into the rise of DEX(Digital Employee Experience) check out episode 5 of season 1 for a detailed overview – (include link to episode 5) We discuss how because of the pandemic EUC actually is now about the end user !

We then look at chip shortages and how it is not just affecting IT devices. We then look at sustainability and how it is our best weapon to try and reduce the huge e-waste problem that the world has. We look at the important role that IT can play by implementing sustainable solutions, we go through some examples including Standard Life and MarkerStudy where IGEL has helped repurpose devices.

Read more in this Standard Life Case Study and see more in this MarkerStudy Video.

We next look at security and how the rise in remote work can increase the risk of ransomware and malware attacks. To finish I ask Simon what will be the biggest impact in EUC. You will need to watch the episode to get the answer… I also urge you to read more information on IGEL’s  sustainability here.

Watch the Life on the Edge Podcast Season 2  Episode 1 here:


Stay tuned for our next Life on the Edge podcasts. We have lots lined up for 2022!

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Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the episode!

James O'Regan

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