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Linux Turns 30! Endpoints around the World are Celebrating Today!

Linux Turns 30! Endpoints around the World are Celebrating Today!

Linux, the edge OS of choice for securely accessing today’s cloud-delivered workspaces, celebrates its 30th anniversary today. To give a little perspective, in 1991 the Lotus Carlton, going 0-60 MPH in 5.4 seconds, was considered a hot car, ‘grunge’ was all the rage in music and clothes, and ‘fruit-by-the-foot’ sugary snacks were introduced. Safe to say, Linux has stayed far more relevant and impactful than these gems over the past three decades!

Linux is even more relevant today as enterprises are moving apps and desktops to the cloud and end user computing (EUC) to the edge, and requiring an OS that can simply and securely deliver cloud-based applications to the hybrid remote/on-prem workforce.

While Linux has been powering supercomputers, financial exchanges, and medical equipment for years, lately we are seeing Linux becoming a more powerful force in EUC. Microsoft advocating Linux for accessing Windows in the cloud, rather than using Windows natively on the endpoint, is a bellwether that points to Linux’s growing prominence as the OS that meets modern EUC demands. This was followed by Microsoft announcing its partnership with IGEL as the Linux endpoint for delivering Windows Virtual Desktop, now known as Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). And IGEL is also the right choice for the newly announced Windows 365 solution for the best performance, manageability and security.

Here at IGEL we’re gratified the computing world is seeing the unlimited possibilities of Linux. In fact, we were early believers in Linux – 20 years ago! Our Linux-based operating system is at the heart of our global success in transitioning enterprises from reliance on costly hardware with built-in obsolescence to a far more flexible, software-centric environment in which IGEL OS-powered endpoints call up custom end-user profiles, anywhere on any device. Today, IGEL OS provides millions of employees a combined OS, management, and control solution providing secure access to cloud-delivered workspaces from anywhere.

Watch our Linux Anniversary commemorative video here:

The next decade of Linux will undoubtedly see new iterations of cyberattacks and this is another reason IGEL is a Linux believer. IGEL OS is virtually impossible to manipulate and extremely resistant to viruses and other malware. We add to this multi-factor authentication, smart card readers, biometric scanners and trusted execution to deliver a highly secure EUC experience – protecting users and enterprises.

IGEL looks forward to answering the challenges and celebrating more victories with Linux. IGEL OS has been a steady force in propelling the transition to the cloud, and its superior performance and security points to an even more powerful future!

Jed Ayres

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