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NerdioCon 2021: Stop Edge Device Insanity

NerdioCon 2021: Stop Edge Device Insanity

It’s time to put a stop to end user computing (EUC) insanity. In other words, why would you migrate your EUC workloads to the cloud, deploy Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), while still maintaining Windows running natively on those devices accessing WVD? Continuing to run Windows on the edge will increase your cost and management time, and keep you stuck on the Windows update treadmill.

This will be the main focus for IGEL’s upcoming session at NerdioCon 2021. On Wednesday, January 27 at 3:30 p.m. EST, join me and IGEL Technology Evangelist Jeff Kalberg for a can’t-miss virtual Best Practices Session: “Don’t Let the Edge Device Ruin Your WVD Experience.” Register now!

The Power of Nerdio.

Just like any cloud migration, making the move to WVD is not a one-and-done exercise. In fact, WVD is relatively easy to implement… but it is a bit more complex to manage, particularly when you don’t have the tools required to manage your cloud workloads with precision. Without proper monitoring and control, it is easy to run up unnecessary cloud costs. The move to the cloud is not like the old days when you could touch and see those machines running on the desktop and in the data center. So, it is way too easy to lose track of what’s out there.

Nerdio can help. Nerdio Manager for WVD not only simplifies WVD deployment, but its management too. This means you can spin endpoints up and down easily as needed (avoiding costly over subscription) and simplify, automate, and protect workspaces using a single WVD management solution.

The Efficiency of IGEL.

But what about the endpoint device? With all of this new seamless simplicity, why waste time, and high maintenance costs, with devices loaded with Windows natively? If you already have your Windows user workspace on Azure do you really need the heavy weight of Windows on the endpoint too?

Certainly not. IGEL takes away this pain and enables you to effectively reduce your endpoint support costs to near zero. Why continue burdening yourself with the tedium of Patch Tuesdays and risking the security of your network and data with Windows natively running on endpoint devices?

The simple answer is to install IGEL OS on existing devices – or just pop an IGEL UD Pocket into the devices’ USB – and you eliminate all the risk of Windows on the edge while empowering secure, high performance access to your WVD workspaces. Key benefits include:

  • A 65% reduction in device management and maintenance costs
  • A 90% reduction in help desk support tickets
  • Delaying costly hardware refreshes by extending the life of any x86-64 device with IGEL OS, an edge operating system for cloud workspaces
  • Shore up your security posture with the virus resistant Linux-based IGEL OS at the edge
  • Manage tens of thousands of heterogeneous endpoints from a single management solution – lowering help desk tickets and simplifying complex enterprise environments

Nerdio + IGEL = End-to-End Peace of Mind.

Now, for a great WVD experience – that doesn’t leave money on the table – combine Nerdio and IGEL. The combination delivers end-to-end peace of mind while lowering cost and delivering greater control over your endpoints as well as your cloud workspaces. Your users will be ecstatic with the improved work experience, and your CISO will commend you for minimizing security risk. Wouldn’t you be insane to do it any other way?

Join our NerdioCon 2021 session on Wednesday to learn more! By joining in, you’ll be eligible to receive an IGEL UD Pocket device of your very own. See you there. And yes, we will show a demo of the product, so at very least you’ll get to see an alternative approach to endpoint management…




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