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Optimize the Employee Experience with IGEL Ready Analytics Partners

Optimize the Employee Experience with IGEL Ready Analytics Partners

IGEL is proud to be hosting a new webinar series with IGEL Ready analytics partners 7SIGNAL, Liquidware and ControlUp. During this series, which kicks off on Tuesday, October 18, attendees will have the opportunity to learn how the joint solutions offered by IGEL and these three IGEL Ready partners can help optimize the employee experience in today’s work-from-anywhere world.

First up is 7SIGNAL’s webinar on Optimizing end-user digital experiences with IGEL OS from the outside-in with 7SIGNAL” which will take place on Tuesday, October 18 at 11am (ET). During this session, Eric Camulli, 7SIGNAL’s Vice President and Customer Success Officer will join IGEL Ready Operations Manager, Matt Lods, to explain the “connection” between Wi-Fi and the digital experiences of your end users, while demonstrating the value of having total network visibility from the outside-in. Together, IGEL and 7SIGNAL can help to mitigate any potential risks within your network and endpoint investments. Register for this webinar here.

Next, join us on Wednesday, October 26 at 11am (ET) for “Taking your Apps to the Edge! Apps Attached Layering – Untethered!” with Liquidware. Johnny Ma, Senior Solutions Architect at Liquidware will join Divya Saggar, Director, IGEL Ready to share insights on how the Liquidware’s FlexApp solution truly takes apps to the edge of end user computing by supporting any Windows workspace, including Citrix, VMware, Windows AVD, and laptops. He will also explain how the solution keeps base images clean, greatly reduces the need for multiple Windows servers, and supports app delivery via Microsoft Intune and VMware Workspace One. Register for this webinar here.

Finally, ControlUp will be with us on Tuesday, November 1 at 11am (ET) to talk about “Empowering IT to Deliver a Best-in-Class Digital Employee Experience with ControlUp and IGEL.” Hear from Joel Stocker, Director of Product Marketing at ControlUp, Trentent Tye, Senior Technical Expert at ControlUp, and IGEL VP of Product Marketing, Dan O’Farrell about how real-time monitoring across VDI, SaaS and web applications, unified communications tools, and physical endpoints, along with insights into user sentiment and metrics can help IT quickly identify problems. Attendees will also learn that when ControlUp’s comprehensive digital employee experience (DEX) management platform that makes remote work work better is paired with an endpoint OS–like IGEL OS, one that’s designed for secure, flexible access to cloud-delivered digital workspaces – the work-from-anywhere world is your oyster. Register for this webinar here.

To learn more about the IGEL Ready Program and how to take advantage of any of our program benefits, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]. For more information on the IGEL Ready program, visit

Divya Saggar

Director of IGEL Ready, IGEL
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