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Simplifying Unified Communications with IGEL

If you’re at a trade conference and there’s a lull in the conversation ask people what they consider to be the birth of Unified Communications (UC). Depending on the generation, your answers are likely to range from three-way conference calls, to AOL Instant Messenger, to early smartphone texting. Over the last half century or so, unified communications has evolved from sitting around a room, conferencing through a speaker phone, to Microsoft Teams taking on Slack for market domination.

Evolving from a single primary communication tool, the telephone, UC now entails a cornucopia of tools that serve to improve productivity. However, this bounty of options, combined with the drive toward virtualization, has brought several challenges to IT. For example, integrating UC in an environment where every user has a PC workstation confined to a private network has been relatively easy when compared to delivering a quality UC experience to an enterprise moving its users to a cloud-based workspace model.

Migrating desktops and applications to the cloud demands that IT adopt UC solutions that will work in a virtual world in which a millennial, mobile-driven workforce expects every device they use will be capable of accessing their suite of applications and data.  At the same time, this next generation user will expect an extraordinary UC experience.

There are many components that are critical to delivering a hi-fidelity UC experience in a virtual world, including cloud/server platform, network, and choice of remoting tools.  Equally important is identifying a consistent and manageable edge device on which to build the end-user experience.

Next-Gen Edge OS

IGEL OS, the next-gen Edge OS for Cloud Workspaces, once again proves to be the endpoint solution for this constantly evolving world of how we communicate and work. As cloud migration continues, IGEL Technology provides all organizations a path to a consistent, secure virtual desktop environment, one which now includes Unified Communication tools that are easy to use at the endpoint.

Backed by a comprehensive device management system that allows for extreme control over desktop and mobile workstations, IGEL OS endpoint devices provide for:

  • Consistent user experience as employees access the applications and UC tools they require to do their job, regardless of device or location.
  • Easy, secure access to virtual desktops, applications, UC tools, and content across devices and networks.
  • Simplifying IT operations with device-focused centralized management, remoted session layering, and hybrid and multi-cloud management.

Specifically, devices running IGEL OS today work with the following UC tools: Microsoft Skype for Business, Avaya Equinox, Zoom Conferencing, and Cisco Jabber (with Cisco VXME).

Citrix and IGEL: A UC Collaboration

The Citrix Call Center in Fort Lauderdale recently deployed IGEL OS powered endpoints to solve a number of issues related to performance and UC: Citrix needed an intelligent, up-to-date, supported operating system to support Citrix Workspace and integrate with UC tools.  Additionally, Citrix wanted to deploy IGEL OS to existing endpoints to extend the life of existing assets while improving security and providing a reliable, always-on experience for its inside sales representatives (or ISRs).

IGEL OS, in conjunction with Citrix Workspace, was deployed to give its ISRs consistent access to all the applications they need, regardless of which physical workspace they’re using. As an added benefit, Citrix road warriors are using the IGEL UD Pocket, connected to laptops and home PCs, to securely boot and remote their workspace, further preventing the potential for system exploits.

The issue of aging hardware was solved by converting existing endpoints into IGEL OS workstations, thus unifying all endpoints under the IGEL OS umbrella. Standardizing on the common read-only operating system has improved security and reliability for all Citrites accessing their mission critical applications.

Read the complete case study here.

IGEL and Citrix Future of Work Tour Moves to EMEA

If you’d like to learn more about how IGEL and Citrix collaborate to power the future of work, our Citrix Future of Work Tour moves to EMEA after a successful North American run.  Visit the IGEL Events webpage for a full list of upcoming dates.

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Jeff Kalberg

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