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“The Attic” Video Podcast Episode 3: Post-Covid Predictions from Tyler Rohrer, Co-Founder of Liquidware

“The Attic” Video Podcast Episode 3: Post-Covid Predictions from Tyler Rohrer, Co-Founder of Liquidware

You won’t want to miss this chat with Tyler “T-Rex” Rohrer. From tourist rickshaws to trolleys to his early days at VMware, T-Rex’s path is a great lesson in breaking rules and letting curiosity lead the way. Hear why he founded Liquidware.

IGEL continues its exploration and celebration of origin stories in Episode 3 of “The Attic” video podcast. The series gives a nod to IGEL’s founding 20 years ago in a small attic in Bremen, Germany by sharing the stories of tech experts and thought leaders across the end user computing (EUC) industry.

This third episode features a conversation with serial entrepreneur and VDI champion Tyler “T-Rex” Rohrer. T-Rex is an expert on digital workspace tech, a popular speaker and a co-founder of Liquidware, after a key role at VMware’s Enterprise Desktop team.

For T-Rex, the entrepreneurial bug struck early. He was still in his teens when he started a business renting rickshaws to take tourists around Portsmouth, Maine, upgraded to trolleys,  sold them to became a stockbroker, met a computer reseller, went into tech sales, met VMware’s early team and started FOEDUS, later acquired by VMware. After working with Jerry Chen, who coined the phrase VDI, T-Rex founded Liquidware to support Windows adaptive workspace management solutions.

After COVID “The sleeves are rolled up and people are going to get serious about re-architecting…The next 18 months are going to be a renaissance, a reimagining of end user computing. From the edge to the cloud to the data center, that triangle is going to be figured out…Collaborative solutions like Zoom or Teams are going to be integrated in new and exciting ways…”

 When was the year of VDI? “It really did start with Microsoft and WVD as kind of a tectonic shift…reimagining Windows and it was now completely fine to consume it in a new way….to think about it as being cloud-centric…..the second part is what IGEL and I are in the business of…rich and robust tactile local processing…meeting the potential of cloud services…”

 What’s next in EUC? “We all agree it is going to be some type of hybrid workplace moving forward…part of scaling up is simplifying the onboarding and consumption so it is easy for the consumer…that’s really the next evolution.” –Tyler Rohrer

T-Rex also talks about his natural curiosity in all things, not getting hung up on rules and believing anything is possible. And because you want to know… Tyler reveals how he got his nickname!

Watch the Attic: Episode 3 – Tyler Rohrer

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