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The Women of IGEL Celebrate Equality on International Women’s Day

The Women of IGEL Celebrate Equality on International Women’s Day

Empowering women – their passion, values, achievements and innovation – is one of IGEL’s core values. The women of IGEL around the globe are precious contributors to IGEL’s growth, success and vision. They are our innovators, our leaders, our creators, our supporters, our caregivers, our experts and our visionaries – and so much more!

Over the past year, I’m proud to share that the women at IGEL have helped mark some significant milestones for the company including (but certainly not limited to) the following:

  • We’ve helped start a number of talented women’s careers including extending full time positions to women who have been IGEL interns
  • We’ve added two women to IGEL’s Executive Leadership Team for the first time
  • We’ve dramatically increased the number of women in VP and director roles – both through new hires and promotions
  • We’ve had two women join the ranks of IGEL regional sales managers in North America
  • And, multiple IGEL women have been recognized with awards and achievements and have represented IGEL at important events, promoting gender diversity and opportunity for women

Now, on International Women’s Day 2020 – this day of celebrating women and raising awareness against bias – the women of IGEL share their inspirational thoughts on why an equal world is an enabled world. I invite you to join me in celebrating women’s achievements and encourage you to help take action for women’s equality. It’s part of the fabric of IGEL. #EachforEqual.

 Gender equality starts within the family: the same opportunities and access to education should be given to daughters AND sons! Everyone should have equal opportunities and pay, regardless of age, religion, race, gender, background and wealth.” – Anita Siemen, Assistant to the CEO and COO and Anne Perratt, Accountant

I’ve never once thought I couldn’t do something because I’m a woman. Stop hoping, dreaming and wishing for it…just work for it!” – Amy Cannon, Executive Administrator

At IGEL, diversity and gender equality are always top of mind. From the hiring process to performance reviews and promotions, our team is focused on driving initiatives that raise awareness and promote equality in the workplace.” – Enit Nichani, Vice President Marketing US and Global Events

A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else, irrespective of gender, race, culture. Let’s all be #EachforEqual. Now.” – Patrizia Fioretti, Vice President Channel EMEA

Gender equality is when we consider people as human, treat them fairly as human, relate with them as human and give them their right to live as human and not based on their gender belonging. As long as the heart is in the right place, I don’t care about gender, color or social status!” – Anna Rohwer, Assistant to the Senior VP Sales EMEA

Gender equality means women and men enjoy the same opportunities, rights, and obligations in all spheres of life.  We must be all equally heard, seen, and valued.” – Nicole Simons, Chief of Staff

Every man, woman, and child deserve equal rights, equal opportunities, equal dignity without discrimination.” – Kim Tran, Accounting Manager

Being a part of such an innovative and disruptive technology company like IGEL, it’s important to see leadership be supportive of its women employees.  It’s been great to see IGEL’s female leadership team grow through external hiring and internal promotion.  That’s a big part of why I joined this awesome company!” – Jill Archer, Director of System Integrators

I stand with so many others and continue the fight so my baby girls can enter a workforce where there is equal pay and opportunity for women!” – Kimberly Nicola, Senior Marketing Manager

Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise..” Proverbs 31:31a NIV – Abigail Arcilla, Graphic Designer

“A gender equal world means being respected for what I do and the way I do it at work. So let’s gather our competencies treat yourself and others with respect for better business outcome and a much better world to live in!” – Angelika Straub, Marketing Director DACH

“To me, gender equality means that the things that will define me and my possibilities for the future are based on my personality and my own decisions and not on a thing that I wasn’t able to choose.” – Jenny K., Accountant

“With gender equality, everyone is treated as if gender is of no significance. We are all valued as individuals, and respected as much for our differences as for our similarities.” – Lori Thompson, Chief People Officer

“’Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact. – Honore de Balzac’ Is that right? Apart from days like the International Women’s Day, let us work every day to make our society more equal – every step counts! Believe in an equal community!!” – Petra Einspenner, Senior Director of HR Services, EMEA

“Gender equality is not just about women, it’s about humans. Rights, responsibilities, opportunities and power should be achievable for all humans.” – Paula Kamenz, Human Resources Assistant

“”No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” –Eleanor Roosevelt” – Alona Kremko, director of Inside Presales






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