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Save lives, protect the ENVIRONMENT, lower your costs and deliver an excellent user experience

Join leading Nordics healthcare software providers to learn how you can reduce your IT costs whilst delivering exceptional healthcare services.


October 4 – 5, 2023


Telia Company
Stjärntorget 1
16994 Solna

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Why attend

Explore Standardization in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is renowned for its high level of standardization, particularly regarding technologies like Citrix, IGEL, Pointsharp, Imprivata, and similar platforms. This event provides an opportunity to delve into the world of standardized solutions in healthcare and gain insights into best practices.

Learn from Successful Implementations

IGEL has established a strong track record of serving satisfied customers in the Nordic region. By attending this event, you can benefit from our experience and learn about the successful implementations we have achieved. Discover how our solutions have made a positive impact on healthcare organizations.

Collaborate and Exchange Insights

This event aims to bring together healthcare professionals and experts from various regions. By fostering collaboration and facilitating the exchange of insights, we can collectively shape the future of standardized solutions in the healthcare sector. Join us in contributing to the advancement of healthcare technology.

Valuable Reference Speech

As an added bonus, we have arranged for a reference speech by one of our existing customers. This speech will provide firsthand insights into their experience of implementing our solution. Discover the tangible benefits they have gained, learn from their journey, and gain confidence in the potential of our solutions.

Healthcare focus

By attending this event, you can stay at the forefront of standardized solutions in healthcare, leverage the knowledge and experiences of others, and gain valuable insights that can positively impact your organization.

We look forward to your presence and the opportunity to collaborate towards a better future for healthcare technology.


October 4

Securing and Protecting the User Edge in Healthcare to accelerate today’s digital health transformation.

Jason Mafera, IGEL Field CTO for Healthcare, provides an update and open discussion on what’s new with IGEL’s healthcare offerings, expanded partnerships and integrations combined with a view into future strategy and direction. We’ll discuss market trends, current and planned integrations with Imprivata / Pointsharp and Citrix as well as share details on how IGEL OS continues to evolve to become the “Secure Enterprise OS for Healthcare”.

Healthcare in the Nordic – Peter Söderholm & Matti Haapala

Citrix solutions for health IT enable digital transformation by providing clinicians with instant access to patient information as they roam across facilities, devices and networks. In this session we will discuss how customer in the Nordic region have adopted Citrix solutions and what benefits they have gained..

No More Password Hassles: IGEL and Imprivata Redefine Desktop Authentication – Thomas Lehmann
Streamlining the Healthcare Workplace: Enhancing Efficiency and Security
• Ensure maximum security and empower your staff with user-friendly solutions, enabling them to prioritize patient health.
• One token, one code: for all systems and applications makes login for healthcare workers much faster.
• Seamlessly exchange encrypted patient data and files without size limitations, even with external communication partners.
"HP + IGEL - Secure and powerful Cloud Computing"
Session; Why Digital Employee Experience matters and how to improve it.

Content; ControlUp is being utilized by many healthcare regions across the Nordics and the reason is simple - The availability and performance of patient care resources is key to deliver healthcare services and ControlUp helps to make sure that these services are available and optimized from an end user perspective. Let's talk about why this is important and what we can do about it!

October 5

09:00 – Reference Speaker: Sören Björk, Region Uppsala is presenting: Why, When and How?

09:30 – Start of Round Tables (a 30 Minutes)

12:30 – Lunch with Discussions and Wrap Up


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