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A Day in the Life of an EUC Maverick: Eike Schwöppe

A Day in the Life of an EUC Maverick: Eike Schwöppe

Eike Schwöppe is an IT visionary currently serving as a Solution Expert at braincon GmbH.

How I use IGEL: Part of a portfolio of best-of-breed technology solutions

As a solution expert with extensive experience across the technology sector, Eike Schwöppe collaborates with a diverse range of customers to provide them with the best possible solutions.

Eike began his journey in IT when he joined his current company, braincon GmbH in 2013 as employee #4. Before entering the IT sector, he attended a technical school where he trained as an electrician. He then worked for Deutsche Telekom AG for three years and completed a three-year course in software engineering.

Eike’s current role at braincon involves developing new solutions that utilize both cloud computing and on-premises deployments. He dedicates a significant amount of his time to learning about emerging technologies to implement them successfully for his customers. Additionally, Eike conducts research on effective ways to market these products to customers and provide them with useful information.

Once he has a thorough understanding of the products and their features, Eike engages with the customer and suggests ways in which they could benefit from them. He then creates and sends an offer to the customer, handling both the sales and technical aspects of the job. Back in the day, braincon didn’t have a dedicated sales team like they do today, so Eike has took on this role to ensure effective delivery of customer needs. He is always available and willing to help wherever necessary.

“What I like about IGEL is that I can combine their offerings with solutions from Citrix and ControUp, for example, to ensure that my customers benefit from leveraging best-of-breed technologies to solve their most pressing business and technology challenges,” Eike explains.

He especially takes pride in being a problem solver who can always find a technology solution for any issue, whether the customer is a small retail store, a large automotive company, a local hospital, or a pharmacy. “I enjoy the fast-paced environment I work in and the challenges that come with it,” says Eike.

Why I like IGEL: Flexibility, Simplicity and Community

“I have been working with IGEL solutions for more than a decade now and the experience has been a great one,” says Eike. He continues, “The strong sense of community among IGEL users has kept me a loyal partner due to the flexibility and ease of use of IGEL’s technology.”

Eike considers IGEL’s straightforward administration as a significant advantage of the solution. “Whether I’m setting up a single IGEL endpoint or deploying a bulk order of five thousand IGEL endpoints, the amount of work and time required is almost the same,” he says. “The flexibility of the IGEL solution is truly remarkable. What’s more, changing from one configuration to another is incredibly easy and convenient. Working directly with the IGEL development team has also been very helpful in my consulting role with customers, as we troubleshoot together to resolve any issues.”

Eike adds, “I have had direct access to their best people whenever an issue has arisen. It is very cool to have this level of engagement, especially when I am working with complex environments.”

Eike also finds great support within the IGEL community. “People there are committed to helping each other out,” he says, “I have made some good friends in the community, and it’s cool to see how friendships form so quickly within this group.”

About the EUC Mavericks Program

IGEL is where it is today with the thousands of IT professionals who use our industry-leading, software-driven solutions to deliver secure, productive, and cost-effective digital workspaces to organizations around the globe.

To recognize and honor these individuals for their many contributions, we launched the EUC Mavericks program in 2021. EUC Mavericks are at the top of their game, “CHALLENGING EVERYTHING” in delivering cutting-edge IT services.

IGEL inducted Eike Schwöppe into the EUC MAVERICKS HALL OF FAME in December 2023.





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