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And the IT Baller Customer Testimonial Winner Is…

Diversicare’s April Marbury Wins the Popular Vote as IGEL IT Baller Customer Testimonial Winner  

It’s been a busy year for IGEL’s IT Ballers. As close to 250 IGEL customers submitted their testimonial story for how IGEL has made their end user computing environment simpler to manage, smarter to use and more secure.

Among all the amazing stories, five stood out – each with a different way in which IGEL has delivered a superior endpoint computing experience for their users: Ryan Kelly of Budd Baer, Inc.; April Marbury of Diversicare; Simon Clark for Crisis at Christmas/Aimar Foundation; James McVicar from The Auto Club Group and Thomas Mangan of Toppan Vintage.

Each IT Baller Testimonial finalist presented their story during a live face-off webinar presentation on December 12 and the public voting commenced. In fact, nearly 1,000 people cast their vote for the top IT Baller. The winner? Diversicare’s April Marbury.

The Diversicare story is one of true innovation and cost savings. By using IGEL’s thin clients and centralized endpoint security and optimization they have been able to reduce demands on IT staff. At the same time, they’ve quickly and seamlessly transitioned to a modern, virtualized desktop infrastructure.

Read the Diversicare Case Study, and watch Diversicare’s winning IT Baller face-off presentation to learn more.

Marbury will be presenting her $20,000 IT Baller testimonial prize to the Diversicare Disaster & Relief Foundation, an organization formed to assist Diversicare team members in times of crisis or disaster.

IGEL $120,000 IT Baller Sweepstakes Names One Additional $20,000 Winner

Yesterday, IGEL also awarded its final 2018 sweepstakes winner based on the results of a drawing performed today for eligible participants who have completed the IT Baller online survey and attended an IGEL demo.

This was the concluding stage of the IGEL IT Baller 2018 Sweepstakes which gave away $120,000 to eligible participants throughout the year, including winners of drawings at Citrix Synergy, DISRUPT Vegas, IP Expo and Nutanix.  NEXT London.

Congratulations to all of our IT Ballers. Please look for an announcement for our 2019 IGEL Sweepstakes program early next year.


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