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IGEL Runs: Inspiring Wellness and Togetherness, While Apart

IGEL Runs: Inspiring Wellness and Togetherness, While Apart

Motivating, Charitable Employee Program Gets the Whole Company Moving

The pandemic has impacted many of us, in so many ways. And while IGEL works tirelessly to support the work from home needs of businesses, worldwide, the employees of IGEL – like so many of us – wanted to remain connected, while working apart.

This inspired two IGEL employees to expand their own project to remain connected, motivated and healthy.

The Start of IGEL Runs

In 2020, Fredrik Brattstig, IGEL Technology Evangelist in EMEA, challenged Timo Siedenberg, IGEL Vice President of Customer Operations, to run 1,200 KM (746 miles) during the year. Fredrik met the challenge, achieving the target early on October 31. But not only was the challenge full of competitive spirit, it proved to connect the two IGEL employees in a motivating and empowering way that bridged the divide that was created by travel and work limitations due to COVID-19.

Following their success in 2020, the passionate runners wanted to expand the program to other IGEL employees to build connection, inspire health and give back. As a result, Fredrik and Timo launched IGEL Runs in 2021 for all IGEL employees – worldwide.

The Challenge: Reach 1,200 KM by December 31

Using the popular tracking app Strava, IGEL Runs motivates IGEL employees to run or walk their way to health and connection throughout 2021. Each participating employee has been challenged to reach 1,200 KM between January 1 and December 31 and those who meet the goal will receive an official IGEL Runs running jacket.

But the program is offering even more to be inspired by. IGEL will donate 1€ for every 10KM (6.2 miles) to the employee’s chosen charity – including UNICEF, Amnesty International and others.

This has really gotten IGEL employees moving! IGEL Runs has 86 active participants, and the supplemental program IGEL Moves (for cycling, swimming, walking, and so on) has another 130 employees engaged. Together these programs, as of the end of April, had already covered 13,785KM (8,566 miles) and earned 1,379€.

Motivation, One Step at a Time

The program has not only motivated IGEL employees to stay healthy and well during a challenging time, it’s also brought them together. Participants in multiple countries engage and encourage each other on the Strava platform. It’s helped build teams, make new friends and unite in a global program of charitable giving.

“IGEL Runs is the perfect way to do something for your own health, stay in contact and challenge colleagues and finally a charity organization will benefit from the achievements,” said Timo Siedenberg. “Is there a better motivation?”

As IGEL Runs and moves throughout 2021, the company continues to showcase its vision to transform the way the world works – creating better outcomes for people, organizations and our planet. It’s what we #Believe and we’re demonstrating it, one step at a time. #IGELRuns

Lori Thompson

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