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Asset Tracking now Easier with IGEL Endpoint security and optimization! IGEL’s Latest Innovation Debuts at VMworld!

Sometimes tracking your endpoint assets, particularly with peripheral devices, can be very problematic. There is no clear view across the organization to know accurately what assets exist and what has changed. IGEL is answering this need by adding Asset Inventory Tracker capability to its IGEL Universal Management Suite™ (UMS). IGEL customers can now easily track all peripheral devices connected to IGEL OS-powered endpoints.

At VMworld US 2017 we are unveiling IGEL UMS 5.07.100 which provides the new Asset Inventory Tracker capabilities. We encourage all our IGEL customers to upgrade to this version to take advantage of the visibility it gives IT into IGEL-powered USB and Bluetooth assets. The UMS upgrade remains compatible with all IGEL Universal Desktop™ endpoints, IGEL IZ™ zero clients, and the IGEL UD Pocket™ micro endpoints loaded with IGEL OS version 10.03.100 or later.

Third-Party Application

IT and asset management teams will find an additional benefit in our UMS upgrade: they can connect to third-party asset management tools via an integrated programming interface based on the industry standard REST API. This advanced functionality gives IT another level of security and control over endpoint assets.

The IGEL UMS can be leveraged on third-party, 64-bit x86-based endpoint devices converted into IGEL OS-powered endpoints using the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter™ (UDC3).

Better Tracking. More Security.

Organizations that process critical financial or health data, such as healthcare providers, retail or consumer financial services firms, will find UMS’s asset tracking of great value. These organizations are subject to strict compliance regulations and thus, cannot afford to have unauthorized use of peripheral devices, which could lead to a security breach. IGEL’s asset tracker helps mitigate this risk, as well as reduce capital expenditures related to the replacement of lost or broken peripheral devices.

Visit us at VMworld IGEL Booth #233 and hear more about Asset Inventory Tracker.

See You There!


To schedule an appointment with IGEL, please contact Nicole Simons at [email protected]. To experience the capabilities of IGEL’s OS, UDC and UMS, download here, or request free evaluation hardware.

Matthias Haas

As Chief Technology Officer for IGEL Technology, Matthias Haas develops key technology partnerships and is responsible for IGEL’s hardware and software portfolio. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Haas creates products that are tailored around the needs of IGEL’s customers and meet the evolving requirements of the global market. Haas is dedicated to creating solutions that help IGEL customers run their business endpoint solutions as efficiently as possible. He works together with existing technology partners like Citrix, VMware or Microsoft to provide bleeding-edge managed workspace solutions. Prior to joining IGEL as a software developer in 2007, Haas spent 6 years as a Linux software developer at Linogate, a Linux internet security appliance company. Haas graduated with a degree in Computer Science (Dipl.-Inf. (FH) from the University of Applied Science Augsburg.
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