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ControlUp + IGEL: Making the Lives of Healthcare Pros Easier

ControlUp + IGEL: Making the Lives of Healthcare Pros Easier

(The following blog is provided by IGEL Ready partner ControlUp)

Did you know that, together, IGEL and ControlUp deliver best-in-class real-time monitoring for healthcare IT, combined with an endpoint OS designed for secure, flexible access to cloud-delivered digital workspaces? It’s true (we do)!

For clinicians, time is everything; they don’t have time to spend waiting to log on to applications or to grapple with frustrations that come from laggy network connections. Whether they’re connecting from a hospital, from home, or from any place else, they need to be able to access their business-critical resources and applications at all times.

In 2019, IGEL and ControlUp forged an alliance to deliver best-in-class, real-time monitoring combined with an endpoint OS designed for secure, flexible access to cloud-delivered digital workspaces. With the recent launch of ControlUp Remote DX and ControlUp Edge DX, our companies are continuing, together, to optimize the digital employee experience. At HIMMS21, you will see how IGEL and ControlUp are working together to lead the charge in digital employee experience management.

By offering improved visibility into Citrix and VMware Horizon with ControlUp Remote DX, healthcare IT admins can identify key client-side metrics, such as local network performance—including Wi-Fi strength and speed, as well as end-to-end performance metrics regarding the user’s device connectivity—to help improve and optimize the employee experience. With IGEL OS, endpoint admins can assign department- or user-specific features and capabilities based on organizational policies and can even securely “shadow” remote user endpoint devices via their internet connection for inspection and troubleshooting purposes. With ControlUp Edge DX, ControlUp gives IT greater visibility into and control over their users’ physical endpoints, so they can see and maintain the health of devices that run Windows, Linux, or macOS.

But that’s not all! ControlUp offers a suite of solutions, packaged as ControlUp Ultimate, that enables IT to deliver the best possible digital employee experience.

Real-Time DX

Providing an end-to-end view into your end-user computing environment, ControlUp Real-Time DX collects metrics in real-time, so you can identify, troubleshoot, and remediate problems before they negatively affect your employees’ digital experience and productivity.


ControlUp Scoutbees is a cloud-based solution that uses continuous synthetic transaction testing to proactively alert you when the availability of your apps, desktops and network resources are impacted, no matter if these are virtual apps and desktops delivered through Citrix and VMware Horizon or if you want to monitor your network resources and web apps. Scoutbees allows IT Operations teams to quickly identify what is causing the availability issues and address them before user productivity is impacted.

Edge DX

ControlUp Edge DX allows you to monitor your Windows-, Mac-, Linux-, and IGEL-based physical endpoints in real-time, regardless of their location. With it, you can gain a holistic understanding of and detailed information about your endpoints. Delivered as a SaaS application, Edge DX is accessible from anywhere, is designed to work for organizations of any size, and be used by any audience, from IT admins to help desk employees.

Remote DX

Designed for employees that use Citrix or VMware Horizon virtual desktops and applications, ControlUp Remote DX collects relevant user-side telemetry that affects their Digital Employee Experience, such as the quality and speed of the Wi-Fi connection, as well as the performance of their internet connection.


Combining the granular incident trigger mechanism together with the Script Action module is the basis for ControlUp Automate. A script action(s) can be chained to any incident trigger. Once the trigger condition is met the script action(s) is executed.

To see ControlUp in action and how it can help you and your environment, be the change and register for HIMSS 21 today (either in person or virtual)! We’ll be there in the IGEL Ready Partner Pavilion, ready to help you deliver the best digital employee experience possible. And don’t forget to download ControlUp and get started on your 21-day unlimited trial today.

Trentent Tye

Trentent Tye is a Technical Marketing and Senior Citrix Technical Expert for ControlUp.
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