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Go Green with IGEL

Go Green with IGEL

Less Material, Less Energy, Less Production Footprint, Greater Reuse

Around the globe, the topic of energy preservation and sustainability is more top of mind than ever. And while many technology companies may be clamoring to showcase their latest “green” capabilities, IGEL is proud to state that it’s been an environmentally friendly company for decades.

From the production plant to the desktop, IGEL continues to demonstrate that it’s an active advocate of green technology. Consider these six ways:

1: IGEL Hardware Devices Use Less Material. Our endpoint devices are built for environmental sustainability by using less plastic than competitive solutions. In fact, we continue to evolve our plastic efficiency and today use approximately 50% less volume than predecessor models. Less plastic also equates to devices that are up to 20% lighter in weight, improving the environmental impact of shipping IGEL devices – whether down the street or across the globe.

2: IGEL Hardware Devices Use 30% Recycled Plastic. Continuing the sustainability of our plastic usage, IGEL thin clients are also built using 30% recycled plastic in one color. This avoids the use of additional paint materials for increased environmental protection and waste reduction.

3: IGEL Hardware Is Power Efficient. Once in use, the green features of IGEL devices continue through exceptionally low power consumption, small physical footprint and convection cooling without moving parts. This means that using IGEL endpoints not only saves on energy (and energy costs), but also lowers ambient cooling requirements as well. IGEL endpoint devices hold Energy Star and EU-Ecodesign certifications.

4: IGEL Software Supports Efficient Device Reuse. IGEL software-defined endpoints are exceptionally green as well. By enabling the reuse and repurposing of aging laptops and PCs, organization don’t need to dispose of old endpoint devices but can instead easily upgrade to IGEL OS granting them a new, highly productive purpose as clients connecting to a virtual or cloud environment. In fact, we often see devices that are up to eight years old (including thin clients, laptops and desktops) that are accessing Windows 10 in the data center or cloud today that would have never been able to run it natively. This not only saves companies from major forklift upgrades, it keeps older computers out of the landfill and in use for much, much longer.

This benefit is particularly relevant in healthcare environments which use Workstation on Wheels (WOW) carts. These powered carts use a local battery to power the computing equipment they hold. Devices that use the light weight IGEL OS use less endpoint CPU and local resources so that the WOW local battery can last significantly longer. That means lower power usage and less required charging time which can literally help to save lives!

5: IGEL Devices Last Longer. The typical IGEL device remains actively in use for up to 3 times longer, or more, than traditional PCs and laptops, which can be evidenced by the extended IGEL warranty which is up to five years upon registration compared to the standard one year warranty for PCs and laptops. That means less waste and less impact on the environment during the production of replacement devices.

6: IGEL Uses a Small Production Footprint. During the manufacturing process, IGEL is green as well. IGEL has always focused on innovative ways to lower component usage compared to PCs and laptops. In addition, IGEL packaging is composed of recycled paper and cardboard and is plastic free. This results in lower environmental pollution for all the resources used to build IGEL devices, while also lowering transportation impact as well as disposal effects after their useful life.

At IGEL, we’re focused on building a cleaner, greener world for our future generations. To that end, we will continue to refine our decades-long commitment for more sustainable technology solutions and approaches. In addition to the obvious positive corporate responsibility impact, our customers experience significant capital and operational savings as well. Together, we can avoid the depletion of our natural resources and maintain the ecological balance of our world. Join us. Go green with IGEL.

Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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