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IGEL and eLumin are Bringing Secure Digital Workspaces to the Virtual Classroom

Today’s students are the first generation born into the digital transformation age. They come to the classroom expecting the same speed and utility they have with their smartphones and smart watches. They also expect anytime, anywhere access to their school-related applications. What they don’t worry about is how their classroom endpoint device is delivered, or how secure the environment is. That’s where IGEL and eLumin come on the scene.

IGEL, via its next-gen edge OS for AWS cloud workspaces, and eLumin, which delivers Amazon WorkSpaces to the classroom, are teaming up to provide students round-the-clock, secure access to their virtual applications – regardless of the device they are using. It’s the hallmark of IGEL’s endpoint management approach, serving people, whether students or workers, who now demand this level of flexible, secure access to their applications. Students now have everything they need on their device – a turnkey experience and one IGEL OS users are well accustomed to enjoying.

IGEL’s secure Linux OS and its Universal Management Suite, which enables efficient, centralized endpoint management, and eLumin’s integrated management of Windows and learning applications, combine to solve four main education needs:

  1. Productive and responsive student and staff experience
  2. Efficient and reliable remote management
  3. Seamless technology integration
  4. Proactive security approach

As eLumin President Greg M. Smith remarked, “Technology should never get in the way of life, learning or accomplishment.”  We wholeheartedly agree. Working together, eLumin and IGEL will bring a seamless, secure learning experience to tomorrow’s innovators!

Please spend a few minutes listening to our webinar with eLumin and Amazon to gain further insights into our new cloud-based education partnership.

Simon Clephan

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