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IGEL names 400th IGEL Certified Engineer

To coincide with the start of the new Partner Program 2018, the Education and Training division at IGEL was restructured and a new, global certification program named ICE (IGEL Certified Engineer) has been launched.

The first ICE training course was unveiled this year at IGEL’s EUC DISRUPT, event series held in Bremen, Austin and Sydney. Just under nine months later, we have just certified the 400th ICE engineer. ICE provides an introduction to the world of IGEL and an interface to the knowledge sources e.g. the IGEL Knowledge Base and the IGEL Community where members actively discuss current projects and experiences.

The training and certification is aimed at system engineers, administrators and IT consultants who are involved in IGEL projects. From partners to end customers, anyone can benefit from ICE.

ICE certification provides the basis and is supplemented with additional training courses over the year known as

“ICE Packs”. Each ICE Pack deals with a specific group of topics and provides targeted training for IGEL certified engineers.  The first two ICE Packs incorporate a deep dive into IGEL UMS and various user cases of IGEL infrastructures in the cloud. Further ICE Packs will follow.

At the DISRUPT 2019 in Munich, participants can register for ICE training for no extra cost and gain official certification. DISRUPT visitors who already have the ICE certificate will also have the opportunity to attend the premiere of the first two ICE Packs and to gain two additional certificates at no extra cost.

You can register at We look forward to seeing you!

Rene Recker

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