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Later today Windows 365 (Cloud PC) goes GA; releasing more technology into the cloud. Enabling users to access the latest version of Windows from any device, directly and securely from the cloud, Windows 365 Cloud PC truly enables the work from anywhere ethos. IGEL are pleased to announce launch-day support of Windows 365 Cloud PC using IGEL OS. By using a small, simple, and secure OS on a USB key (UD Pocket),  IGEL’s edge OS solution, combined with IGEL’s universal management suite, ensures just-in-time secure access to Windows 365; without the management and security overhead of running Windows twice (on your device and Windows 365).

Plug in, get to work, unplug, and then play; all with one device on IGEL.


Access a rich Windows desktop experience from either AVD or Windows 365 from a super-secure IGEL OS running on any device.

  • Optimized to connect to Cloud PC
  • Secure read-only OS removes any security concerns at the edge
  • IGEL OS can be installed on any x86-64 device, allowing even older devices to securely connect

Reduce costs, simplify management and enhance security.

  • IGEL OS + Windows 365 / AVD saves money

Ease the transition to AVD or Windows 365 by minimizing capital expenditures, and extending the life of existing hardware; allowing you to postpone, in some cases for years, the cost and disruption of the dreaded PC hardware refresh.

Running Windows 365 removes the worry of DaaS costs, and AVD can save on data center costs too.

  • IGEL OS + Windows 365 /AVD is simple

Easy to use, IGEL features no-touch deployment and drag-and-drop profiling that makes IT administration significantly less time-consuming. IGEL OS can also boot and configure itself via the cloud when rolling out new devices. In addition Windows 365 and AVD is simple to set up, and with Windows 365 even your users can manage their own cloud PC.

  • IGEL OS + Windows 365 /AVD is secure

Data, applications and desktops in the cloud are far easier to secure with Windows 365 and AVD. Coupled with the read-only IGEL OS (which runs on Linux), and IGEL’s “Chain of Trust,” users can have the most secure workspace delivered to any device and to anywhere

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Carl Gersh

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