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Introducing IGEL’s Life on the Edge Podcast

Introducing IGEL’s Life on the Edge Podcast

Welcome to a new IGEL video podcast series called Life on the Edge. The reason I wanted to create this podcast was so I could talk to IGEL’s partners to discuss the hottest topics in EUC and look at how IGEL and our partners can help in solving those issues.

As we are all aware EUC has become central to the remote working solutions of companies since the start of the pandemic. Throughout the series I intend to highlight certain topics and the hottest one now has to be Microsoft Teams optimization. Recently, I worked on a detailed overview of the solution provided by Citrix and IGEL and had an idea to do a podcast to expand on these ideas.

Episode 1: Microsoft Teams optimization with Citrix and IGEL

In Episode 1, I speak to Toby Brown from Citrix who is a Lead EMEA Domain Specialist, Microsoft Cloud Technologies. Since the recording Toby has moved to Microsoft to become a WVD Global Black Belt.

Since the start of Covid demand for Unified Comms solutions such as Microsoft Teams have rocketed as everyone attempts to communicate daily as part of their jobs in this new remote working reality.

In the interview Toby and I discuss Microsoft Teams optimization. Specifically we talk about how IGEL and Citrix can solve the Teams optimization issues and give customers a much better user experience when running Teams. We end with a detailed demo example showing a Teams optimization solution running end to end on Citrix and IGEL.

Upcoming on Life on the Edge Podcast

Episode 2 will focus on another important issue and that is end user experience. I will talk to Mark Plettenburg who is a Senior Product Manager at Login VSI. Some people may be aware of Login VSI in terms of load testing but not Login Enterprise which integrates with IGEL and is a great solution for the measurement of end user experience.

Future episodes have been lined up and you can find the latest and all previous episodes on IGEL’s channel on YouTube under the Life on the Edge video podcast playlist. Subscribe to the channel to be notified when a new episode is posted.

Check back here on the IGEL Blog for an updated schedule of topics and guests.

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