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Lockton and IGEL Prove It’s all in the Timing

Here’s what keeps IT people up at night. Lockton Companies, the world’s largest privately owned, independent insurance brokerage, was moving along with its Citrix VDI deployment, when about a quarter of the way through, one of its endpoint vendors altered key features without giving Lockton a heads up. The thoughtless move on the vendor’s part threw a wrench into the rollout, presenting a list of difficult challenges.

Perfect timing, and serendipity, offered the solution when Lockton Vice President of IT Operations Jamie Creek shared this frustrating turn of events at a Kansas City golf charity event sponsored and hosted by IGEL and IGEL Platinum Partner Choice Solutions.

Afterward, Lockton tested the IGEL Universal Desktop (UD2-LX) units and the IGEL Universal Management Suite, and saw immediately IGEL could not only deliver superior endpoints for the estimated 1,800-unit deployment, but also provide centralized management for Lockton’s network of endpoints from its Kansas City headquarters.

Another big selling point was the IGEL UD Pocket which is giving Lockton a means of extending the life of legacy endpoint hardware. IGEL UD Pocket is able to support their triple-monitor workstations, making it a simple task to securely boot directly from the UD Pocket, saving Lockton time. Lockton is also using the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter to turn legacy hardware into IGEL-powered endpoints.

Lockton is focused on innovation and superior customer service. As a company with many locations, often without dedicated on-premise IT staff, and with some of its 6,000 associates working remotely, Lockton is benefitting from IGEL’s:

  • Superior infrastructure management via UMS, increasing efficiency
  • Centralized management, saving IT time and costs
  • Citrix VDI onboarding of new offices in hours instead of days
  • High fault tolerance, dramatically cutting break/fix work needed with other solutions
  • Secure, robust desktop experience, enhancing associate productivity

Working with great partners like Choice Solutions, we are able to solve VDI deployment challenges for innovative companies like Lockton. Our complete, easy to manage endpoint software is fitting Lockton to a ‘tee.’

For more on Lockton Companies leveraging IGEL, click here or view the customer video here. To experience the capabilities of IGEL’s OS, UDC and UMS, download here, or request free evaluation hardware.

Simon Clephan

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