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UMS 6.04: Improved User Experience & Even More Supported Environments

UMS 6.04: Improved User Experience & Even More Supported Environments

With the recently published release, UMS 6.04.100, of the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) we have introduced some remarkable features to improve user experience and flexibility in managing your endpoints.

Maximum Supported Environments

We are happy to announce that we now support the UMS with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (with cluster support). IGEL offers an outstanding range of different environments with maximum flexibility for the installation of your UMS server, client and backend database. Please find the complete overview of the supported environments in our Knowledge Base.

Improved User Experience

The implementation of the following pre-checks also increase the efficiency of maintaining the UMS:

  • Database version check: UMS Installer and UMS Administrator check whether your database version is supported as soon as a database is selected.
  • Free disk space check: Before downloading a new firmware update, the UMS will check the free disk space.

In both cases you will immediately receive a warning to adjust your settings or increase your free disk space if necessary.

In the section “UMS Administration” you will find a new node “UMS Features” to show or hide the following advanced UMS features:

  • Template Profiles
  • Master Profiles
  • Shared Workplaces

To inform you about expiring or already expired certificates and license packs, we have set up some new notification types that will remind you of needed updates. Additionally, you will find a new option to show already archived notifications.

A new job command “Send messages” allows to schedule the automated transmission of messages to endpoint devices and makes it much easier to inform end-users about upcoming updates, etc.

Further Improvements

The release includes many more features and add-ons to optimize your daily work with the UMS:

  • You can choose a specific reply port for the online check
  • The Universal Customization Builder for Windows is now available for free and no longer requires a license
  • The UMS Server supports FTP passive mode for the Universal Firmware Upload
  • UMS Licensing ID fingerprint hast been added to the administration section of the UMS (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses)
  • If you want to transfer a file from the UMS to a specific device, the file target location can now be edited in the context menu
  • In the UMS Administrator tool we have implemented multi select for the cipher suite list to be used by the UMS server

Last but not least, we have been working on some architectural optimizations that will have a major positive impact on the UMS performance, especially for large enterprise installations which organize several thousand devices in one directory.

The ongoing and constant improvement of the UMS is one reason why IGEL UMS is the best endpoint management and control solution for your IGEL OS-powered endpoints.

You can download the complete release notes from our IGEL Knowledge Base.

Daniela Geyer

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