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@Citrix Synergy: A New Assessment Tool To Fast Track VDI

@Citrix Synergy: A New Assessment Tool To Fast Track VDI

At Citrix Synergy 2017 we’re debuting a great new tool our partners and resellers will use to help our IT customers make the right selection of IGEL endpoint solutions to move forward in Citrix VDI deployments. IGEL’s Endpoint assessment tool is the result of collaboration with Lakeside Software and is powered by Lakeside SysTrack® Workspace Analytics.

IT organizations need more assistance in determining how much of their existing desktops they need to replace or convert to fully execute virtualization. The IGEL Endpoint assessment tool gathers data on usage, the number and type of systems currently in place within the target IT environment, and the health and age of those systems. Using Lakeside’s analytics, the data takes the guesswork out of the selection process. It can then be used by the IT organization to select the right IGEL endpoint hardware and/or software for their Citrix virtualization deployments.

Why do we love this innovative tool?

  • It takes the worry out of making the right endpoint solution choice by using sophisticated analytics to assess an enterprise’s specific needs.
  • The hard data and business intelligence gained through Lakeside Software analytics gives IT the clearest picture of which IGEL solutions will provide the optimum ROI.
  • Being able to offer deeper insights into the client’s infrastructure needs helps to expand business for all IGEL partners and resellers. Knowledge breeds confidence that IT is taking the right course in choosing IGEL to support Citrix VDI deployment.
  • This new analytics intelligence can also help enterprises in determining their readiness for migrating to Windows 10.

The assessment tool is just the first of several joint efforts between IGEL and Lakeside Software. We will be collaborating again on additional analytics solutions to further address an unmet need in the marketplace for decision-making tools to fast track virtualization. It is clear IT wants to speed up the evaluation process in deciding how to configure their endpoints for a virtualized infrastructure, but previously lacked the analytics intelligence to comfortably make those decisions. With Lakeside we will be working to give our partners additional leverage in marketing our portfolio of endpoint security and optimization solutions.

Visit us at Synergy and see the new assessment tool at IGEL Booth #207 and Lakeside Booth #505. You can also read more in today’s announcement.



Simon Clephan

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