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What’s .NEXT?  IGEL and Nutanix! June 28-30, Washington, D.C.

What’s .NEXT? IGEL and Nutanix! June 28-30, Washington, D.C.

The show theme this year is ‘Designing the Future of the Enterprise Cloud.’ We’re excited to be a corporate sponsor at this exploration of what it takes to fully actualize VDI and hyperconvergence in an enterprise cloud environment.

In our way of thinking, a converged infrastructure does streamline implementation of VDI, save enterprises money, and reduce management and configuration headaches in the datacenter, but it is not the whole story.

You might say IGEL’s theme is ‘Beyond the Datacenter: Completing the VDI Story.’ We believe customers also need to focus on the endpoint, on virtual desktops that are the means by which every individual worker will be experiencing VDI. And IGEL just happens to have the best endpoint security and optimization story out there! Our software supports any 64-bit x86 endpoint device, another huge cost-savings benefit for budget-sensitive enterprises.

Nutanix is the go-to choice for delivering Citrix. IGEL is the ‘must-have’ for supporting Citrix at the endpoint. Come see us at and learn more about:

  • IGEL OS running on a USB device that plugs in to convert any PC to a software-driven endpoint
  • IGEL PC Converter software that converts any PC to a universally deployable IGEL OS based endpoint.
  • IGEL’s entire suite of thin and zero clients plus all-in-one devices
  • IGEL Universal Management Suite and IGEL Cloud Gateway managing all of these devices
  • IGEL’s user experience and profile strategy that will take the sting out of Windows 10 and Windows 10 IoT migration

It’s fitting that we will be sharing our story in the nation’s capital, the seat of government, since IGEL, in fact, governs all the customers’ endpoint device needs.

See you at and be sure and enter to win our Tesla P100D contest!

Simon Clephan

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