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Invest in an
edge OS that secures more than just your endpoints.

Spend less time, money and worry focusing on your endpoint security literally overnight.

Managing endpoints in a hectic banking, legal and financial services setting is tough. Being caught between the rock of data protection and sophisticated external attacks, and the hard place of productivity, operational efficiency and availability isn’t fun. And patching sucks. Especially as it detracts from what you’d rather be focused on: winning at what you do.

But it’s now easier than ever to reach a place where your users are happy and productive – and moreover these days, remotely. While you’re able to help keep them, their data and your endpoints secure without compromise. All managed simply, securely and powerfully from a single pane of glass with IGEL OS.

When it comes to financial data, reducing risk and exposure is key. Reputations are at stake.

Take a closer look…

Less managing.

More winning.

IGEL OS puts your endpoints on a crash diet. Modular by design, its unused user features can be turned off, keeping endpoints lean and further minimizing its already tiny attack surface. And, its read-only file system, ensures IGEL OS is highly tamper resistant, while your data stays secure off-device, in your cloud.

You can convert any x86-64 device to become a secure IGEL OS endpoint. Every time they’re powered on IGEL’s complete “chain of trust” verifies each step of the boot-up process – whether your VDI host or cloud workspace is delivered by Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, AWS or others.

Manage and troubleshoot endpoints outside the corporate LAN with ease. The IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) offers secure shadowing, while IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS), makes managing remotely a simple task.

Don’t take our word for it.

Read how BNP Paribas Bank in Poland has invested in IGEL solutions.

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